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When you decide to have a baby, check yourself according to this list of questions. Treat them seriously, even if some of them seem to be inapplicable for you

you decide to have a baby, check yourself according to this list of
questions. Treat them seriously, even if some of them seem to be
inapplicable for you. Talk to your husband, as some questions concern
him too.

Do you have rubella immunization?

Roseola during pregnancy, especially on early stage, when fetus`s
internals are being formed, can bring serious damage to a baby health.
Therefore, before getting pregnant, submit to a blood test, which will
confirm that you have immunity to this disease. If you have no immunity
- you should definitely vaccinate. Submit to a blood test beforehand,
as pregnancy is extremely undesirable during three months after

Do you have any heritable diseases? Does your husband have them?

Some diseases, for example, haemophilia or cystoma, are inherited. If
your or your husband`s relatives suffer from some genetic disease, your
baby can inherit it. So you should consult a doctor beforehand. If it`s
necessary, he`ll send you to a checkup to determine degree of risk.
Usually it is done for safety net, as, as a rule, a baby inherits such
disease only in case, when both parents are carriers of a virulent

Do you have some diseases, which require constant medication?

If you suffer from a serious disease, such as diabetes or epilepsy, you
have to talk to your doctor before conception. Probably, he will offer
you to proceed to another treatment, as some medicaments are harmful
for a future baby or can prevent conception.

Do you use hormonal contraception?

If so, it`s better to stop taking them 3 months before you decide to
become a mother, this way three menstrual cycles will pass by the
moment of conception (during this period it`s better to use other
contraceptives). If pregnancy comes earlier, than a regular cycle will
be established again, it will be more difficult to predict a date of
baby birth.

Is your work connected with risk of professional diseases?

If your or your husband`s work is connected with chemicals, lead, drugs
or X-ray radiation, this can influence a future baby and reduce chances
of conception. Switch to a safer work and consult your doctor
necessarily. If you`re already pregnant, take measures to reduce
harmful influence to minimum. Refuse from work, connected with
weight-lifting flatly. As for modern video monitors, they bring no harm
to a future mother and baby health.

What`s your weight?

Your weight should correspond to norm for your height, at least 6
months before conception. You cannot switch to a strict or fasting diet
during pregnancy, even if you have significant overweight, - you can
deprive yourself and your baby of important nutritive materials.

Do you observe eutrophy?

Fresh food, varied, balanced nutrition is very important for a future baby health.

Do you drink alcohol? Do you smoke?

When you make a decision to have a baby, both your husband and you
should quit drinking alcohol and smoking, as they reduce ability to
child-bearing both in men and women. Tobacco and alcohol are extremely
harmful for a baby too.

Do you do physical exercises?

Start walking or swimming. You should find at least 20 minutes per day for exercising.

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