17 man`s ways to quiet a crying baby

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Let`s arrange at once: never come to him as soon as he starts yelling. Firstly, he can fall silent, and secondly, can he cry for a while finally?

arrange at once: never come to him as soon as he starts yelling.
Firstly, he can fall silent, and secondly, can he cry for a while
finally? Thirdly, if you come to him at once - he will get used to it,
and this is worst of all! Fourthly (hush!), may be, someone will come
to him. However, here there`s a danger of your mother-in-law coming to
him! Now I`ll tell you what to do, to make your baby stop crying. But
firstly here`re several general principles.

A baby gets used to everything. If you put him and go away - he will
get used and fall asleep by himself! If you watch TV and speak
normally, he will get used to sleep in such atmosphere. If you swaddle
him only before putting to crib, he will fall asleep as soon as you
swaddle him! And vice versa, if everybody are tiptoeing, when he`s
sleeping, he will wake up at any slightest noise.

A baby can cry for a while (I assure you, nothing will happen with
him!), the longer he sleeps, the better it is for you (and you
shouldn`t be afraid of it: if he`s sleeping, let him be sleeping!), you
can do everything with him - he won`t be broken!

Well, it`s time to proceed to promised ways:

1.    If a baby is swaddled - unswaddle him and take off
this damned diaper! In general, undress him completely! This is his
natural state!

One case from our life, when we lived on the first storey, it was
January, I was walking by and heard him yelling. I came to the window
and said: “Give him to me (he was 2 months old)”. My wife gave him to
me through the window. Can you imagine the way my mother-in-law was
running to us like a shot? However, after it my son was sleeping for 4
hours and I managed to take a nap!

2.    Put him on his belly - let him groaning and working for a while!
3.    Make him working! Let him hanging on your
fingers! Give him two of your forefingers, he catches them, and lift
him little by little! A baby should hang on arms since first days! I
hang mine on a stick, and was hanging for a minute!
4.    Shake up your lazy-bones! Do with him
everything you wish! You can knock him up to the ceiling, you can put
him on feet, you can hold him upside down - in brief, everything you
wish, he won`t be broken!
5.    Baby’s dummy is a great invention! Give it to
him and he`ll fall silent, if only he`s yelling not because of hunger.
Don`t be afraid - he won`t have crooked teeth and other mucks.
6.    Toys also can help sometimes! Especially bright ones and not very big.
7.    Put him on the floor! You will see how everybody will panic!
8.    You can go for a walk with him or just put him on your balcony.
9.    Try to find out the reason of his cry and remove it: well, you`re adult man,
think it over!
10.    Open the window, finally! He should breathe something!
11.    This simple method is very good - washing
with cold water. Babies just ooze it, and you can try yourself too!
Your mood will be elevated at once!
12.    Another efficient, but less accessible method - bathing, but here, I think, you
need no comments.
13.    This method is not for faint-hearted. Say
loudly and clearly: “If you cry, you`ll receive a bucket with cold
water!” And if he continues, do it! Throwing cold water on him is best
of all, but if you have no bucket - you can just put him under cold
water jet (it`s worse, as later he won`t like bathing). If you pour him
over a couple of times, he will fall silent at hearing the word
BUCKET!!! And in general it`s also useful. Try!
14.    If you think he`s yelling because he wants
to sleep, - swaddle him tighter (I used my knee) and cover with a
blanket! Any organism`s instinct - is to sleep in warmth and in warmth
- to SLEEP!!!
15.    May be, he just wants fressing? Here you can
do nothing - call a mother. There`re lots of theories about how, when
and what to feed with. Mine is quite simple - until he has no teeth, he
should eat his mom! And you shouldn`t wait when 4 hours pass. If he
wants fressing - feed him! 

16.    If he`s yelling - put him close by. You can
sleep all together! You shouldn`t wake up in the night! Here he is,
near his mom, if he cries - she`ll feed him and he`ll fall sleep again.
Both mom and you have your sleep out. What can be worse, than constant
sleep loss?!

17.    If you cannot find the reason, you can always
create it. Do anything with a yelling offspring! Well, don`t hit him
against the wall! Just spank him thoroughly, and then caress, and he
will quiet, you`ll see!

I hope these advices will last you for the first time. But if you tried
everything (I`d never believe it!) - and it didn`t help (well, that’s
impossible!), then let him crying. All the same he`ll fall asleep!

Note the time, take a newspaper. The longest yell I noted lasted for 15 minutes.
Aren`t you able doing nothing for 15 minutes?!

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