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A “city baby” - our grannies associate this phrase with a pale, thin and weak little man, suffering from bad appetite and sleep

“city baby” - our grannies associate this phrase with a pale, thin and
weak little man, suffering from bad appetite and sleep. They are rather
right: in big city conditions a baby feels lack of peace, silence,
nature, and the main - clean, fresh air. Although parks and squares are
“lungs” of megapolis, it still becomes more difficult to breathe with
every year…

When a baby is just preparing to be born, doctors take care so that he
would not suffer from anoxaemia in a mother`s womb. Enough quantity of
oxygen in a mother`s blood provides normal baby development and timely
brain development. Since first days after birth a question of quantity
of oxygen in the air a baby is breathing, - is one of the most
important. If quantity of oxygen in a nursery is less than 18%, a child
feels its lack: attention focusing reduces, sleep worsens, giddiness
appear. In most serious cases backwardness is observed. Long oxygen
deprivation can lead to serious problems for the whole life: mental
deficience, anemia and vegetative-vascular dystonia. Walks along the
streets of megapolis, unfortunately, cannot change the situation

So, what shall we do? Should all parents move to the forest or
country and take there dear babies? Of course, they should not. If
there`s lack of oxygen in your apartment, you need to saturate air with
it using air-conditioner. Modern air-conditioners can increase oxygen
concentration in a room up to 30%. Principle of work of such
air-conditioner is that molecules of oxygen pass through a special
membrane 2,5 times faster, than molecules of nitrogen, and as a result,
proportions of these gases in air change.
Another important factor - is air humidity and its ionization.
Best of all we breath near waterfalls, fountains and rivers. Near water
the air is rich in negatively charged particles, which influence human
health positively. Optimal humidity and ionization will make sleep
better, and also - what is especially important for babies - help to
support health of skin and mucous membranes. In a too dry room risk of
dermatitis, rhinitis and other troubles is higher.
According to pediatrists, allergy, called #1 disease of XX
century, holds in its first place in this century too. Latest
researches show that allergy can firstly appear in any age, but in 85%
of cases it happens during first three years of life. Is it possible to
reduce risk for your baby somehow? Surely! Most perfect
air-conditioners have special filters, which hold allergens of pollen,
animal hair, home dust, and also pathogenic bacteria, viruses and
mycelial fungus. This filter is actual all year round: in spring during
rich blossoming of plants and molting of home pets, in summer during
heightened quantity of dust, in autumn and winter - during inevitable
flu and SARS epidemic. Filters of high-quality air-conditioners
deactivate allergens on 99%, and integral catechin filter kills flu
viruses securely.
Let`s consider temperature regime of a nursery. Doctors affirm
that optimal air temperature in a room, where a full-term newborn baby
lives, should be from 20 to 22 C, premature one - from 23 to 26C.
Babies from 1 to 18 months should better grow and develop under the
temperature from 18 to 20 C. Same day temperature and 1C lower one at
night is recommended for children over 1,6 year. Fresh cool air makes
falling asleep easier and improves quality of sleep. 

While preparing a nursery for appearance of a dear baby in it, many
parents make typical mistakes. For example, put a fluffy carpet, which
will serve as an additional “dustbin”; buy big fluffy toys or fill a
room with flowers in pots. Well, the only decoration, able to improve
climatic characteristics, is aquarium (under the condition that you`re
ready to feed fishes with living forage, not with fodder, which is, by
the way, a strong allergen). While reparation in a nursery, it`s better
to use usual wall-papers, not vinyl: a specific, heavy smell will stay
for a long.

When you choose an air-conditioner, make sure it has all necessary
functions, operates quietly and requires simple care. Almost all
conditioners should be cleaned once in 2-3 weeks. Only conditioners
with self-cleaning function are an exclusion.

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