What can a mom do while breastfeeding her baby?

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As it is known, a breastfeeding mother counts every minute - she has to do a lot of things. But all babies are different, and often a baby can spend most part of day nursing, causing his mom`s vexation because of time spent for nothing

As it is known, a breastfeeding
mother counts every minute - she has to do a lot of things. But all babies are
different, and often a baby can spend most part of day nursing, causing his
mom`s vexation because of time spent for nothing. But you shouldn`t give free
rain to negative emotions, and, moreover, remove a baby from breast. You can
use this time.
It is considered, that a baby suckles
milk out from breast for first 5-6 minutes, rest time he`s just contenting his
instinct of nursing and enjoys communication with mother. You shouldn`t deprive
him of such pleasure. However, if nursing lasts for more than 1 hour, and a
baby doesn`t fall asleep still, you should apply for a doctor and find out
reasons of such behavior.
Let`s note, that during first 6-8
weeks after delivery it`s better to concentrate exceptionally on the process of
nursing without distracting yourself. This contributes to formation of
lactation and its switch to so to speak automatic mode of operation,
and then you can think about useful pastime.
Have a rest
The main thing a young mother needs is rest. That`s
why, the most natural thing you can do during nursing - is lying down and
having rest with a baby. Mother just needs afternoon rest, as she can recuperate
during this time, and following portion of milk will increase significantly. If
you want too much, you can watch TV from time to time, but quietly.  Cordless
earphones are comfortable. Of course, you shouldn`t sit closely to TV, but as
far as you can (at least 2-3 meters from it). Moreover, you can listen to
radio, music, or even an audiobook.
There`re mothers, who keep on
learning during child care leave. Well,
you can read, do tasks from a text-book, listen to a language course, learn
foreign words during nursing.
Discuss your life with a friend
Many women feel lack of communication while taking
care of a baby. Of course, a mother will hardly go to a friend`s place during
nursing. But there`s possibility to talk on the phone.
If a young mother cannot imagine her life without PC
and Internet, there`s nothing criminal in visiting WWW during breastfeeding. Is
it possible to stay in front of PC with a baby? It`s difficult to give a simple
answer to this question, as it haven`t been learned deep enough yet. Of course,
you should observe certain precautions, like with any other consumer devices,
to prevent harmful influence of electromagnetic field. First of all, these
precautions mean usage of modern models of monitors. Among safest ones, first
of all, there`re models with “Low Radiation” marking or liquid crystal screens.
While combining work with PC and breastfeeding, you
should remember: distance between a baby and monitor should be at least 70 cm,
and time you spend in front of PC should not exceed 30-40 minutes.
Strengthen your muscles
What else can we advice to a nursing
woman? Start restoration of her physical shape. There`s an exercise, which you
can do not only without standing up, but even sitting and lying. This is a kegel
directed to increase of vagina and anus muscular tone, as a rule, low after
delivery. You can do it practically since the following day after delivery, but
with one condition: if childbirth were natural, and a woman has no inflammations,
post-operation stitches and other complications. In all other cases you should
firstly consult a doctor. Kegel exercise should be done this way: you need to
strain vagina and anus muscles very tightly and try to hold this state at least
for 8-10 seconds. Then reduce tension little by little, relax muscles for
several seconds. Repeat at least 25 times. You need to do this exercise several
times per day. Young mothers should remember that reduction of vagina and anus
muscular tone fraught with unpleasant after-effetcs. It can cause enuresis,
difficulties while dejection (constipations) and reduction of sense perceptions
during sex.
Disengage hands
Sling will relieve a woman`s life with a baby
significantly. Using it you can nurse your baby without stopping your everyday
matters, as, unfortunately, we still have to do them. If you don`t strive to
create a complete silence for your baby in your house, sound of vacuum cleaner
won`t frighten your baby at all. And air moistening while pouring flowers will
enure everybody.
While taking care of a baby, a mother sometimes hardly has time to take
a snack. If a baby is in a sling, a woman can combine meals and eat calmly,
while a baby is enjoying breast milk. You just should settle yourself at the
table the way a baby would be rather far off it. An idea of sling came into civilization
from life of exotic tribes, where women carry babies this way since their very
birth. However, orthopedists` opinions about appropriate age for a baby to be
in such device vary. Some affirm that you can put even a newborn baby in a
sling (everything depends on a model and the way a baby is located in it, upright
or aflat). Others are sure that you can use sling only when your baby is 6
months. Recommendations concerning time of staying in a sling also vary. Some
experts are sure that a baby can stay there all the time, others consider that
a baby can stay there for no longer than 40 minutes per day, and only in case
of necessity. And after a baby fell asleep, you can put him in a crib
Communicate with elder children
If a newborn one is not a first baby in your family, then you have a
good chance to pay attention to elder ones during nursing. And their presence
near mother and baby in such moment is even useful - this way formation of
breast feeding necessity takes place in children on an unconscious level.
In one word, there`re rather many possibilites of using period of
breastfeeing with benefit. And every mother can invent her own variants. The
main is that her dear baby would fortify himself, feeling maternal love in its entirety. 

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