Second pregnancy: will it be same as the first one?

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Answer: Most likely, it won`t. Most women find out that their second pregnancy differs from first one

Answer: Most likely, it won`t. Most women find out that their second
pregnancy differs from first one. As a rule, if there`re no
complications and special problems with health, second pregnancy
proceeds easier, than first one. Nevertheless, it`s better for you to
plan your second pregnancy in 2-5 years after delivery of your first
baby. During this period your organism will be able to restore
completely after bearing, delivery and breastfeeding of a baby.

Passing of pregnancy

1.    Pregnancy is noticeable earlier. After delivery of
a first baby a woman`s uterus doesn`t decrease to an initial size, but
remains more or less enlarged. That`s why following pregnancy becomes
noticeable about a month ealier, than first one.
2.    You notice stir of your baby earlier. During first
pregnancy most women notice, that a baby starts moving by about 5th
month. During second pregnancy you can notice this already in 4 months.
Probably this happens because a woman already knows the nature of
baby`s pushes, and can distinguish first weak pushes from bowels
contractions easier.

3.    Belly is situated lower. After first pregnancy
belly muscles and ligaments stretch significantly, and, as a result,
fetus is situated lower. As a result, it will be easier for you to
breathe, moreover, there will be less problems with digestion, as
pressure on stomach is not so strong.

There`re also negative aspects: probably, frequency of micturate urges
will increase, and pressure on lumbar spine and back will increase too.
To relieve these effects, you can do special exercises for back, and
also wear a bandage during second part of pregnancy already after 20th
week, when your belly only starts becoming visible. Bandage relieves
backbone and leg veins and at the same time serves as preventive
measures against excessive uterus tone. Moreover:

-    don`t lift heavy things and try not to bend your back.

-    If you have to stand for a long, bend your knees slightly, this way relieving
tension on back and waist.

-    While lying on a side, bend one or two knees or put a small pillow between your

-    While sitting put your legs on a small bench or other height.

Your first baby

Passing of second pregnancy is usually complicated by the fact that
you`ve already got your first baby, very often quite little one, whom
you should take care of. And if a woman, pregnant for the first time,
can dedicate all her time to herself and a future baby, then a mother
of one or, moreover, several babies, regardless of their age, has no
such possibility.

Try not to lift your baby, for example, to put him into a bath or crib.
Instead, teach him climbing into a bath and crib by himself, using a
bench and your support. If a baby wants to sit on your knees, firstly
sit yourself, and then allow ababy climbing on your knees, without
lifting him. If a baby is too little and you have to hold him in your
arms, don`t bend forward, but bend your knees, holding back straight,
and then rise, stretching your legs.

Pangs and delivery

Good news for those who are going to get another baby: duration of both
pangs and delivery, as a rule, is much shorter. During second delivery
a period of preparatory pangs is much shorter or can be absent at all,
and then first pangs are birth ones. Cervix of the uterus and muscles
surrounding vagina are more elastic now, as once they were already
stretched and moved apart by a first baby`s head, so for second
dilatation it takes less time and efforts. For those women, who give
birth for the second time, phase of cervical dilatation passes for 6-8

At the same time, during second pregnancy so-called false pains take
place more often. To distinguish false pains from real ones, try to
change your pose. For example, stand up and walk, if you were sitting
before, and vice versa. Very often when you change your pose, false
pains dissapear in a while, while real pangs will last under any

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