First days: how to live without milk?

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We can often hear such questions from future mothers: “What to do, if I have no milk?!”, “Will my baby be full with colostrum?”, “Will he cry?” Let`s try to answer them

We can often hear such questions from future mothers: “What to do, if I
have no milk?!”, “Will my baby be full with colostrum?”, “Will he cry?”
Let`s try to answer them.
During first 2 days (sometimes 1-7 days) there`s really no milk.
There`s only colostrum now - high-calorie and easily digestible, rich
in huge quantity of immunoglobulins and wholesome flora, contributing
to passage of meconium, forming of intestinal flora and purification of
organism from bilirubin.

There`s little colostrum. Very little. And this is ok!
Imagine baby`s internal - they`ve been formed only several months ago.
They were already working during pre-natal period, digesting light
suspended particulate matters in amniotic fluid. But this was work in
idle-mode, a training. Now they have to work fully! As there already
will be no nutrition from mother right in blood. It`s necessary to
obtain absolutely all nutritive materials from milk independently. To
make switch to a fundamentally new method of nutrition smooth and
successful, Nature provided for an intervening period - period of
It is small quantity of colostrum that allows baby alimentary canal and
kidneys trying themselves in a new role, training, getting used to new
loads and proceeding to full-value work little by little. Even big
quantity of maternal milk (not to mention formula!) creates
back-breaking and unnecessary load on adapting human systems during
this period.
Will he be hungry? No. The matter is, that during first days of life
very serious and important processes take place - adaptation to living
conditions that have changed suddenly and fundamentally. Baby organism
is completely busy with this adaptation and doesn`t want to expend
energy on digestion. To understand this, remember - do you want to eat
when you`re sick? As a rule, you don`t. And reason is the same:
organism is busy with recovery and doesn`t digress to nutrition.
Moreover, burning of brown fats takes place in baby organism, due to
which almost whole of daily maintenance in energy is provided. And plus
high food value of every drop of colostrum. Baby receives everything he
Then why is he sucking all the time? Let`s remember how incredibly his
life has changed for the last day! Quiet and comfortable house-uterus
was squeezing and pushing a baby out during long hours, he experienced
strongest squeeze and lack of oxygen with every birth pang. Then there
was a narrow and tight birth canal, titanic struggle for release.
Living conditions have changed fundamentally! He found himself in an
absolitely strange world, with unknown rules and needs, with plenty of
strange and frightening sensations, sounds, images, motions, people,

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