9 Pregnancy tips from celebrity mums

Forget Louis Vuitton handbags or Jimmy Choo shoes, because right now there's nothing more fashionable for Hollywood's leading ladies than a baby bump, swollen ankles and bigger boobs.
Here 9 celebrity mums advise on how to cope with pregnancy, labour and the body battle that follows

Gwyneth Paltrow
'I discovered there was a real lack of Mexican food in London and the pizzas are too small'

Victoria Beckham
According to Becks 'she didn't put much weight on. She only had this little cute bump'

Cate Blanchett
'I refuse to worry about all that fitness stuff. Being a mother is exercise enough for me'

Julia Roberts
'My stomach was enormous! The bigger it got the smaller my ass looked so I kind of enjoyed it'

Catherine Zeta Jones
'She was crazy about something called Branston Pickle,' said husband Michael Douglas

Courteney Cox
'Pregnancy wasn't as tough as I thought it would have been, but it wasn't as relaxing as maybe it would have been if I were 22'

Sarah Jessica Parker
'I must be the only woman to get cravings AFTER giving birth as well as during it'

Liz Hurley
'Damian was unplanned but not unwanted. I think the best things that happen to you are preordained'

Debra Messing
'Get a good babysitter - that's my advice'
Gwyneth Paltrow
Mummy status: One-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Apple.

Pregnancy: 'We were just kind of pregnant with Apple when Chris (Martin) and I got married. It was all quite wonderful. Very soon after I found out, my breasts became larger - for the first time in my life. I was under the care of a holistic obstetrician (Gowri Motha) and followed his suggestions.

Understanding what was happening was a big help. Then, when I felt a little hand or elbow or something, it was amazing - even if a bit of a shock, as if there's an alien in your stomach.'

Craving: Pizzas and Mexican food. 'I discovered there was a real lack of Mexican food in London and the pizzas are too small.'

Birth: Apple Blythe Alison Martin weighed a hefty 9lb 11oz when she was born in a London hospital after a 'long labour'.

Get fit tip: 'You have to exercise to get it all back. It was tough, very tough. So it was that and blusher and a girdle!'
Victoria Beckham
Mummy status: Sons Brooklyn, four, Romeo, two, and Cruz, seven months. Craving: Smoked salmon (trust Posh Spice to have a posh craving). It was her football star husband David Beckham who lifted the lid on his wife's favourite dish when she was pregnant with Brooklyn. 'She couldn't get enough of it,' says Becks.
Birth: Cruz, like her other boys, was born by caesarean section, this time in Madrid.

Get fit tip: Victoria has never revealed her secret to keeping her stick-thin figure despite having had three children. After her latest, it was left to husband David to speculate how she does it. David says, 'Victoria's very happy, she didn't put much on anyway, to be honest. She only had this little cute bump. But she's really good and really healthy, I'm so proud. She's great and she's losing the weight quickly, which is pleasing for her.'


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