Stages of pre-natal development

The most favorite sound for him - is his mother's heartbeat.

In one of American clinics they allowed new-borns listening to a record with a slow, even heartbeat, and babies became calmer, started eating better and showed obvious pleasure.

Many young mothers hang quetly ticking clock near a baby's cot: this calms down a baby wonderfully.

Scientists also discovered that new-borns prefer listening to children's verses, which mother read them during pregnancy, than those she never read. This means that babies learn sounds yet before birth.

Researches showed that music has a colossal stimulatiing effect on cognitive, emotional and psychomotor development on both non-born and newborn babies.

If a pregnant woman listens to a tender quiet music with pleasure, then this somehow (psychologists hasn't determined the reasons yet!) influences fetus, and after birth babies react to music they "heard" before birth more actively.

Such babies are more active, they smile, sit up, start walking and talking earlier, than other babies, and, moreover, they have stronger love bonds with parents.

Since confluence of two microscopical cells to completely formed tiny human being, baby development - is one of great mysteries of life.

On 12th week fetus runs up to 9 cm, on 20th - 20 cm, on 28th week - 35 cm. This is already a viability barrier: if a baby is born prematurely, it will be possible to nurse him.

On 40th week a baby weight runs up to 50 cm on average from crown to toes.

By the 3rd month of pre-natal development, all systems, necessary for life support after birth are developed in a baby.

The rest 6 months these systems are ripening and learning working together under guidance of a "general computer" - brain. By the end of pregnancy a baby is growing faster, in fact, this impression is illusory.

Per se, first month - is most active: during this period fetus growth increases 10000 times!

On second month- only 74 times. During last months speed of development slows down.

On average, baby weight at the moment of birth varies from 3 to 3,5 kg, and boys are slightly heavier, than girls.

Of course, there're lots of factors, influencing baby weight: level of family prosperity, and this means also quality of mother's nutrition, race, height and weight of parents, quantity of children, born earlier, mother's physical activity - everything is important.

The most striking thing is that a non-born baby, being inside of mother's belly, already has a sense of touch, hears, reacts to pain, pressure, loud sounds, sucks and swallows, and even smiles!

Researches showed, that by 25th week embryo already can move hands and body, expressing his pleasure and discontent with nods and grimaces. By 4th month he already has mimicry: he can smile and frown. Several weeks later he already reacts to any touch: that's why it's so important to stroke mother's belly, so that a baby could perceive caress.

Since 16th week a baby has sensitivity to light: he's worried by light, directed straightly on mother's belly.

Neurologic researches confirmed, that between 28th and 30th week a baby's pathways are developing, they transfer signals from brain to various parts of body. At the same time cerebral cortex becomes quite mature already to support consciousness.

During first months of pregnancy a woman wants crying or laughing - sometimes without cause. Close people should consider this heightened emotional sensitiveness of a pregnant woman, connected with hormonal reconstruction, they should try being tender and careful with her and pay no attention to whims. And a future mother herself should know how to switch over: remember a funny story, listen to a merry music and always remember that these emotional vortexes are short and it's possible to learn keeping herself under control, until they dissapear.

Many experts accentuate that mental health of a pregnant woman should be given same consideration, as physical one; attention to emotional problems of a pregnant woman is extremely important for emotional well-being of a future baby.

Psychological complications and interpersonal conflicts, causing stressful conditions in pregnant women, can cause mental retardation syndrome and sudden weakening of health of a future baby.

If a future mother is constantly listening to her baby, penetrates into his secret life mentally, concentrates all her attention on him, talk to him, passes him her warmth, tenderness and caress, then she creates deepest relations with a future baby, establishing strong, indissoluble love bonds with him.


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