Child-bearing myths

Child-bearing myths

Girls are frightened with future child-bearing since the moment they realized they are women. Here're some of myths that are living in our heads.

Myth # 1: lighthouse
Some girls think they are pregnant every month: breast hurts, scents irritate, they can't eat anything and feel sick after they eat something.

In fact, rumors saying that you should feel sickness and want to eat something salted 30 minutes after conception, are quite questionable. Most likely, you will suspect nothing during first month. Delay of mensis is not also an indisputable sign of future changes in life. Only a doctor can dispel your doubts, whom you should visit after you become familiar with your pregnancy test.

Myth # 2: gustatory
Rumors, saying that you will be longing to eat something sweet, and then salted unexpectedly, are highly exaggerated. So, you shouldn't frighten your partner with stories of three oranges or a jar with fennel, you may not need them - if you start taking vitamins and eating healthy food, yet before you visit a doctor. Thus, your organism will receive all necessary elements in necessary quantities and won't worry you and other people with unexpected splashes of gustatory activity.

Myth # 3: restricted to travel
Myth, saying that now you should treat yourself like a crystal vase, and what's even better - lock yourself up in your house and lie on a sofa till the very childbirth is, probably, the most popular one. Women with such diagnosis act in movies and win the Olympic Games, except that they don't explore space… Yet.

This doesn't mean you should repeat someone's feats. You can allow yourself just doing nothing during this magic time, and nobody will be able to blame you. As you do the most important thing in your life - you're bearing a new human. However, you shouldn't forget that any of your generally useful activity gives you a right to feel yourself like a real heroine and convince everybody of it.      

Myth # 4: figure

Pessimists, who affirm that you will lose your wondefrul figure for ever due to pregnancy, are partly right. If you lie down on a sofa and choose eating as your main task for long months, then you will really achieve a stable result soon: you will say good bye to your old wardrobe, buy a new one, come through complicated delivery and long years of trainings, diets and dissapointments because of various diet pills.

And if you replace big quantity of food by its high quality, move a lot, use up kilograms of cream (not necessarily the most expensive one), then you will get wonderful mood as a bonus: doctors will praise you, friends will envy you, you will have easy delivery and will recover soon.

Myth # 5: man's one
It's not reasonably to think that pregnancy will completely deprive you of such usual men's attention. Pregnant woman is a peculiar indicator for men, and if they are real men, they will treat you politely and attentively.

The last myth
Myth, saying that this is time, thrown out from life, is not true. Enjoy this golden time, when you can do absolutely everything, you're always right, everybody is interested in you, care about you. And temporary refusal from loud parties with unrestricted drinking of alcohol drinks and clubs with energetic dancing can bring you a raise of business and creative activity. Probably, this will bring you much more use, than things, you will have to quit for a while.                

Two main childbirth myths
For some reason people frighten future mothers (who are already frightened) with incredible pain, which accompanies the process of giving birth to a baby. Of course, you need to consider your pain barrier, general state of health, Rhesus factor, age - i.e. things, which can worsen the process of childbirth evenly. In these cases, probably, it's worth to think about anesthesia, Cesarean section or alternative childbirth. If you have got health and youth, then, besides final result, you may also like the process itself.

The next line is for pregnant women exclusively. During birth pangs frequent breathing really can relieve pain, in interval between them you need to relax to the maximum; labour should be as long as possible, and perception should be clear, to carry out doctors' advices in time. In movies women are always crying during delivery - in fact, you will be so busy with this difficult business of childbirth, which requires vigorous physical consumptions and tension of entire organism, that you will just have no strengths to cry.

Men have nothing to do here

If we are striving to guard our spoiled stronger sex from these horrors, then we should also remove TV commercials about female tampons and avoid appearing in his presence without make-up and hair-do.

We are not shy to go into hysteric in his presence, get drunk, flirt with his friends, quarrel with his mother - but we're afraid to lift the veil of secrecy from birth of his own baby, whom he probably have been expecting even more, than we. We do this according to a number of reasons: may be his potential will dissapear, may be he will see something wrong and stop loving you. But a woman's spite and rudeness can kill feelings quicker, than any delivery.

We take our men with us for shopping, interview or visit to dentist - and stay alone voluntarily in the most important situation in our life.

Several valuable advices for future mothers

wear low-heels;
don't spend too much money on new clothes, probably, you will never need it, and don't refuse from slinky cloth;
no matter how bad you feel, try to take a baby to you yet in maternity hospital - then your return home won't become a small tragedy, you will know what to do and won't be afraid of it.


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