Boy or girl? List of mistakes.

BabyCenter fund, which helps couples in family planning, composed a collection of American mistakes, concerning prediction of a future baby's sex. Experts from this center accentuate, that all such "recipes" are absolutely senseless, from scientific point of view.

Mistake # 1. A future baby's sex depends on food, his parents are eating.

To give birth to a boy, you need to eat more meat (medium-rare beefsteak is preferable), pickles (chips, nuts, crackers and etc.), soda water (Cola is preferable). To give birth to a girl, parents should eat more fish and vegetables, as much sweets as they can (chocolate is preferable).

Mistake # 2. A future baby's sex depends on time, when parents make sex.

To give birth to a boy, they should make love at night, when there's the moon in the sky, not a full moon, in odd days of the month. Girl is "guaranteed" in case, if parents make love in the evening, when there's a full moon, in even days of the month.

Mistake # 3. A future baby's sex depends on the way his parents make sex.

Boys are made better in a cool room. The higher temperature in a room is, the more chances to give birth to a girl appear. Successful conception of a boy is provided, if a husband loves his wife more, then she does him, if a man wants a baby more, than a woman, if a woman is sleeping to the left from her husband, if they make love standing, if their heads are directed strictly to the North, if a man receives orgasm earlier and if a man and woman stay awake for a long after coitus. Giving birth to a girl will be guaranteed, if a woman loves her husband more and wants a baby more. Moreover, a wife should become an initiator of coitus, make love in a traditional pose, and a woman should receive orgasm earlier, than her partner. Of course, a man and woman should be lying with their heads to the South.

Mistake # 4. A future baby's sex depends on soul conditions of his parents.

The more parents are worried at the moment of conception and during first months of pregnancy - the more chances they get to give birth to a boy. If they relax - a girl is born. Besides these important conditions, some religious American women read special prayers, which should help to form a necessary sex of a baby, during pregnancy.

Mistake # 5. A baby's sex depends on a number of important signs.

Giving birth to a girl is guaranteed, if a future mother places a pink fillet, candy or flower under her pillow. To give birth to a boy, a man should put important amulets under his pillow. This can be a can of beer or a gun (possibly a toy one). If a man is making love in a T-shirt or shirt - this is a true sign, that a boy will be born. Pink interior of a room is extremely important to conceive a girl. Usage of scents, aromatizers or deodorants also increases chances to give birth to a girl, an open window or window leaf - to a boy.


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