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You think your baby needs most complicated toys and advanced methods to develop more quickly? You’re wrong!

You think your baby needs most complicated toys and advanced methods to develop
more quickly? You’re wrong! Baby’s abilities will develop faster, if you give
him maximum freedom, attention and trust. Here everything is simple and natural.

Since the very birth a baby is striving to grow, open new sensations and widen
“repertoire” of his activity in all possible ways. If he’s surrounded with love
and feels he’s in safety, then he will be striving to move more, crawl, sit, then
stand up, walk and communicate. In one word, he will do everything to understand
surrounding world and living creatures inhabiting it better. So your mission is
not to “stimulate” your baby development, but just support his striving for success
every day!

You baby cannot talk to you yet. So what? This should not prevent you from talking
to your baby as often as you want. Since the very birth a baby is ready and wants
to communicate. Watch him attentively, and you will notice that he doesn’t cry
for no particular reason being already 2 months old: in every specific case he
tries to attract attention to himself, get into contact. Say him tender words,
looking straight into his eyes: babies are charmed by looking at a human face,
especially eyes. In several weeks a baby will know for sure the way you express
tenderness, joy, pleasure, will be able to determine moments of your anger or
tiredness and will compose his own emotional “repertoire” basing on this “manual”.
And smile wider to him. He will become the most smiling baby in the world, copying

You will treat your baby in absolutely different way, if you ask yourself: “How
can I guess what he wants doing?” instead of “What should I teach him to?” It’s
enough to watch a several weeks old baby to assure in degree of spontaneity of
his reactions. Eeven if his physical possibilities are still very limited, a newborn
already turns his look and head, if you switch on light, if he hears some noise
or sees a bright object. You will just have to find out your baby’s tastes. If
he reacts to some certain sound or intonation of your voice with pleasure, rattle
jingle a

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