Planning sex of your baby. French conception diet.

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Both man and woman should keep to this diet during three weeks before conception, and pregnant woman A?A?A? for 7 weeks more

Both man and woman should keep to this diet during three weeks before conception,
and pregnant woman A?A?A? for 7 weeks more.

Diet, contributing to conception of girl

Drinks: coffee, tea, chocolate, cacao, calcium mineral water.
Meat: all sorts in restricted quantity.
Fish: fresh and quick-frozen.
Eggs: without restrictions.
Bread and cereals: all sorts of bread and batch without salt and yeast.
Vegetables: potato in restricted quantity, egg-plants, asparagus, beet,
carrot, cucumbers, watercress, green haricots, peas, capsicum, onion,
boiled tomatoes.
Fruits: all, excepting plums, apricots, cherries, bananas, oranges and currant.
Nuts: almond, filbert, peanut A?A?A? not salted!
Moreover, sugar, honey, spices, jam, fragrant herbs are very useful.
Avoid oversalted food!
Aerated drinks, canned juices, sausage, ham, smoked food, roast meat,
smoked, canned and salted fish, crawfishes, shrimps, all sorts of
cheese and ice-cream, usual sorts of bread and all confectioneries are
not recommended.  

Avoid eating corn, canned vegetables, fried potato, raw tomatoes,
lentil, salted dried fruits and melons. Salt, yeast, soda, olives,
margarine, spices sauces and all preserves are not recommended.

Diet, contributing to conception of boy
Drinks: soda mineral water, tea, beer, wine, coffee, fruit juices.
Meat: all sorts and all sausages.
Fish: all sorts.
Bread and cereals: pastry, sponge-cake, semolina, rice.
Vegetables: potato, mushrooms, dry white haricot, lentil, dried peas.
Fruits: all, especially cherry, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches, dates.
Dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots, dates.
Salt food as much as you can, donA?A?A?t be afraid to eat canned products
and yeast. Milk and dairy produce, calcium mineral water, shrimps,
crabs and roe are not recommended.  

Reduce eating pastry made on eggs, and also bread, pancakes, waffles,
confectionery made on milk, lettuce, runner beans, green beans, raw
cabbage, watercress, fennel, walnuts, filbert, almond, peanut, cacao
and milk chocolate to minimum.  

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