Planning a pregnancy

Conception of a healthy baby is a serious and considered process.
First step. Discuss your plans with husband. Phrase: �Honey, I do want there would be three of us�, works not always. A slow-witted husband can decide that you just want to vary your sexual life. You need to talk clearly � I want a baby. If a husband is not disposed to such serious changes in life initially, it�s better to prepare him to this conversation. For example, tell him about your pregnant friend, or buy a magazine about babies and leave to the fore.

Second step. After you make mutual decision, it�s quite time to examine your own health. For a start you should visit a gynaecologist. Good specialist will familiarize with your medical card, clear up everything about previous pregnancies, abortions and methods of contraception. He can be interested in your way of life, diseases you had or have. If it�s necessary, he can prescribe additional observations or direct you to other specialists: for example, if you�re going to combine pregnancy with allergy, then you should visit an allergist.

All women, who are going to conceive a baby, are prescribed clinical blood analysis (content of haemoglobin, quantity of erythrocytes, leucocytes and others is important), biochemical blood assay, clinical urine analysis, and also smears and blood examinations for genital infections: many of them affect fetus badly. To determine state of internal sexual organs they carry out ultrasonic examination.

Further it is recommended to visit a therapeutist, whose task is to find out and cure chronic diseases (cardio-vascular system, kidneys diseases, diabetes, diseases of thyroid gland, anemia, tonsillitis, dysbacteriosis, immune deficiency etc.). Presence of chronic diseases can significantly complicate passing of pregnancy, so their diagnostics and treatment yet before conception are very important. Thus, to find out seats of chronic infection you need to consult ENT specialist and visit dentist.

If there were some heritable diseases in your family (Down's syndrome, myodystrophy, Alzheimer's disease and others), cases of dead birth or miscarriages, you need to consult a geneticist. Geneticist can carry out special investigations to determine genetic deflections, prognosticate birth of a healthy baby. Often they carry our pre-natal diagnostics of heritable diseases after pregnancy comes.

Third step. If everything is ok, you can start preparation for conception.

For women:

- don�t drink any medicines without gynaecologist�s advice;
- don�t smoke (at least reduce quantity of cigarettes, choose lighter ones or buy a cigarette holder with filter);
- don�t drink alcohol (more than 100 ml of wine per day);
- don�t drink tea and coffee (more than 2 cups per day), pass to wholesome herbal teas and fruits-vegetables;
- don�t get sick;
- don�t take hot baths, don�t go to saunas;
- start taking vitamins containing folacin 3 months before supposed conception;
- forget all diets (however, if you decided to give birth to a baby of desired sex, then, probably, diet will help you).

For men:

- don�t get sick, high temperature is especially undesired;
- don�t go to saunas (during 3 months before first attempts of conception);
- don�t drink, smoke or take pills;
- don�t run Marathons (if you are in for running, try to pass to light trot or walking, it�s not recommended to run more than 37 km per week);
- don�t go in for extreme and traumatizing kinds of sport;
- don�t wear tight synthetic shorts.
Fourth step. Now you can stop using contraceptives and proceed to conception itself.

According to statistics, usually it takes about 6 months to a year for a healthy family couple, who makes sex 2-3 times per week without contraceptives, to conceive. So, don�t worry, if you fail to conceive firstly. This can be connected with recent taking of hormonal contraceptive pills, stresses, change of way of living etc.
If the reason is more serious and connected with your health, still you shouldn�t despair. Remember, modern medicine cures many cases of both male and female sterility. Moreover, you can resort to methods of artificial insemination.


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