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Every baby is born due to confluence of mother`s ovule and father`s spermatozoon. As a rule, only one ovule matures during menstrual cycle and, as a result, one baby is born. Is it possible to plan birth of twins?

Every baby is born due to confluence of mother`s ovule and father`s
spermatozoon. As a rule, only one ovule matures during menstrual cycle
and, as a result, one baby is born. Is it possible to plan birth of
It`s almost impossible to do this through natural way. For example, two
ovules should mature and be impregnated at the same time to conceive
twins (biovular twins). This happens in nature extremely seldom. Second
variant is also an exception, when one ovule is impregnated by 2
spermatozoa - this is like when we choose president, most often only
one candidate wins. There`re cases, when one ovule, impregnated
naturally, is divided into two separate organisms with absolutely
identical genetic material in the earliest stage of its subdivision. As
a result, woman gives birth to biovular twins. Science still hasn`t
determined reasons of the process development because of complexity of
biochemical mechanisms, regulating cell division. Families with this
predisposition, in general, matrilineal one, have a probability, not a
full guarantee, of natural twins` conception. Combination of both
partners` genes (similarity of their composition) and rules of
inheritance (which are observed through one-two generations, most
often, in offshoots), is of great importance.
Probability of giving
birth to twins is only 50% under most auspicious combination of these
factors. If there`re fewer hormones or inheritance is weaker,
probability of giving birth to twins is reduced to 10-5%. It`s
absolutely impossible to influence this process psychologically.
Artificial “planning” is another matter. If a woman is already pregnant
and she knows about it, then it`s absolutely impossible to change march
of events. As information about future baby, including quantity of
babies is formed right on the first day during impregnation.
But there`s such a variant, when probability of multiple pregnancy is
higher. This is possible during stimulation of ovulation, if a woman
passes treatment against sterility, when she`s prescribed special
preparations, stimulating growth of ovule, follicle breakage etc. In
such case organism is like awakening and can “produce” several ovules
at once. Of course, everything depends on single dose of preparation.
In case of artificial insemination probability of twins` conception and
birth becomes even higher. You know, besides prescription of
stimulating preparations, a doctor is trying to grow as much ovules as
possible, to have them in store. There`re many reasons for such
reinsurance: not every ovule can be “caught” in time, not every one
survives in a test-tube, and impregnation may not happen at all, embryo
survives not always. That`s why several impregnated ovules are inserted
in uterus. A woman decides whether to leave one or all embryos (what
happens almost always - maternal instinct works here).
It`s extremely dangerous to stimulate this process without assistance.
First of all, if OverDose (hyperstimulation) takes place, cystic ovary
and bleeding appears very often. Only expert should choose preparation,
prescribe dose and control process of treatment. Usually doctors
prescribe “Clomiphene-citrate” or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH),
which do not influence fetus. Secondly, if a woman doesn`t know about
her pregnancy yet and decides to take these preparations without a
doctor`s assistance, she puts her already conceived baby in jeopardy,
as in this case effect of such medicines can influence his sexual
development in future.

If an absolutely healthy woman begins taking these preparations, most
often, it can cause sudden growth of ovules, their painfulness,
increase of temperature, development and breakage of cyst. If such
woman has a fixed idea to give birth to twins regardless of warnings,
then a psychiatrist`s help is necessary. If you`re just interested in
your chances to give birth to twins, a geneticist will help you
prognosticating their birth. You just need to compose a genealogy at
least from 4th generation directly and laterally, and also pass proper

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