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Experts` opinions concerning relations between pregnant woman, and then a newborn baby, and a dog, sharing house with them, sometimes differ

Pregnancy - is an exciting, non-ordinary and extremely important event
for any woman. That`s why it is better to prepare for it beforehand.
Experts` opinions concerning relations between pregnant woman, and then
a newborn baby, and a dog, sharing house with them, sometimes differ. A
part of doctors are categorically inclined to opinion that neither
future mother, nor a baby under 3 years should contact with animals.
Well, what should you do, if a dog has been living with you for a
bigger part of life, and you just cannot imagine your days without this
shaggy or not so much, but still very charming and loved creature? Or
you just don`t have possibility to give a dog to somebody for such a
long term? And whether this combination - pregnant woman and dog - is
so dangerous? Let`s try to discuss.
This problem has several aspects. The first and main aspect - is mother
and baby health. Which dangers can a dog bring? Of course, first of
all, it can be potentially dangerous, as a source of internal and
external parasites, and also as a carrier of some infectious diseases,
common for animals and human. But timely preventive measures, which any
professional veterinary can recommend you, will help to reduce risk to
minimum. Preventive measures include:  

1. Regular worming of an animal - it is carried out every 3-4 months,
surely with complex veterinary preparations. You shouldn`t invent your
own method of treatment and experiment on your animal, giving him
medicines, assigned for human or using methods of folk medicine, if
you`re not an expert in this area. In first case you can count dose wrongly, what
can lead to poisoning,
or at best you will give a preparation, which influences not all sorts
of helmints, which owners and carriers can be dogs. In second case
after-effects are almost unpredictable - from absolute innocence both
for dog and helmints, to the strongest poisoning again. Veterinary`s
advice - this is your true guide-book while choosing medicine for your

2. Regular dog treatments against external parasites - fleas,
louses. Frequency of treatments depends on medicine used and is
indicated in precept. Here you should remember that almost all these
preparations are quite toxic and can cause a pregnant woman`s or baby`s
allergic reaction. So the first recommendation is - somebody of family
members or a veterinary expert should carry out a pet`s treatment and
out of room, where a “risk group” is. Second recommendation - probably, it will
be better to avoid treatment
with preparations in the form of spray, which is applied on skin
surface. Majority of manufacturers now produce analogues in the form of
drops on withers. This way you can reduce probability of pregnant woman
or baby contact directly with preparation. In such case simple hygienic
measures will be enough. We`ll talk about them below. 

3. Don`t disregard such banal, but still important and, unfortunately,
undervalued by many pet owners, measure, like annual complex animal
vaccination against basic infectious diseases, some of them are
dangerous also for human (rabies, leptospirosis). With this purpose you
need to apply to veterinary clinics, which can guarantee quality of
vaccination and give you appropriate documents (veterinary passport).

Now about rules of personal hygiene observation. There`s also nothing
super-natural here. Wash your hands with warm water with soap every
time you stroke or play with dog, don`t allow dog licking your or baby
face, don`t “kiss” your dog. If your dog is used to sleep with you in
one bed, - it`s strongly recommended to quit this habit yet before your
baby is born. Show maximum of patience, endurance and persistency in
this matter. Of course, your pet won`t like it and will be trying to
return his place in the sun by fair means or foul. So be watchful and
don`t trust his unhappy rebuking looks. Be very consistent in this
question for sure. If it`s prohibited, then this prohibited for ever.
Otherwise, there will be no result.
Besides personal hygiene you need to think about dog maintenance. Her
place and all things should be clean. Coming home after walk, don`t
forget to wash dog`s legs, even if the weather is wonderful outside. Do
regular wet cleaning in the house. Don`t forget, your dog also needs
regular procedures, similar to those we do for ourselves day by day,
such as toothbrushing, cleaning ears, bathing and care after hair
depending on breed (combing for long-haired, brushing for short-wooled,
trimming for wirehaired). All this will allow you avoiding  such
unpleasant moments, like specific smell, coming from your pet, and also
abundance of omnipresent hair, and it`s rather difficult to get rid of
it finally. By the way, opinion that long-haired dogs leave more hair
in the house - is a myth in a way, as dogs with short wool shed the
same quantity of hair, but it`s much more difficult to clean cloth,
furniture, carpets of it. Wirehaired dogs can become an alternative for
both. They really almost shed no hair, but you will have to humble with
the fact that you will have to give your pet in hands of dog barber to
carry out plucking (trimming), otherwise a dog may begin suffering from
inflammatory skin diseases.
All above-mentioned questions, concerning health, are absolutely
resolvable and shouldn`t be a problem. Situation, when pregnant woman
or baby begins suffering from allergy on hair, can become insoluble. In
such case consultation with doctor is necessary. And you should
undertake any further actions only under his guidance. Second aspect of
this problem - is psychological one. A baby, who is expected by a
future mother and all her relatives, can become an absolutely unwanted
guest for a pet. And appearance of a newborn baby in the house can
bring the strongest stress for a dog. Of course, the one who was the
center of everybody`s attention and love for the whole life, usually
experiences difficulties while humbling with the thought that now he
will have to share it with some strange crying creature. And all family
members should take part in the process of changing circumstances of
life, making it as painless as possible. Young mother should pay
although some attention to her pet, in spite of all difficulties of the
first period of baby`s life, so that he would not feel forgotten. Don`t
scold your dog, cry on her, if she shows interest to a baby. Quite the
contrary, allow dog making acquaintance with a stranger accurately (of
course, on a certain distance and under your control), let her get used
to his smell and understand he represents no danger for her. Don`t
leave a dog alone with a baby, even for a short time. Allow them
communicating only at your presence. As a dog sometimes can frighten or
traumatize a baby unintentionally. It happens that some dogs become
excellent nannies, who tolerate all baby claims with patience. And how
much pleasure you can receive while long joint walks - you, your baby
and your pet!!! And only in rare cases, when owners cannot cope with
uncontrollability or even aggressiveness of an animal, they have to
resort to cynologists` help - professionals, who will help to correct a
dog`s behavior.

Well, we see that successful co-existence of a dog and pregnant woman,
and then a newborn baby, in many aspects depends on future parents
themselves. And believe, efforts you will have to do, will be repaid a
hundredfold with love and devotion of your pet, and, moreover, they say
children, who grew in a family with a dog, become calmer, balanced,
sympathetic and responsible later on. Don`t be afraid of troubles that
can appear, overcome them with your whole family and let mutual love
and understanding become your companions in any situation!

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