Advices for women after conception

1.    It is necessary to exclude any stressful situations completely.
2.    Drink enough liquid.
3.    If thereíre no contra-indications, do moderate physical exercises.
4.    Nutrition should be full-value with inclusion of vitamins and microelements.
5.    Drink 1 glass of yogurt per day.
6.    Exclude overheating (bath, sauna), and also sharp supercooling.
7.    Avoid staying in fuggy rooms.
8.    Twice a day lie on your left side during an hour, this improves work of bowels, and prevents constipations.
9.    Try to evacuate bladder more often (overfull bladder provokes uterismus).
10.    Before taking any medicine, you should definitely consult your doctor.
11.    Avoid contact with home pets (thereís a danger of toxoplasmosis!)
12.    Restrict work with computer Ė no more than 20 hours per week!
13.    Use urban transport less often.
14.    Weigh yourself and control arterial pressure daily (when itís possible).
15.    Sexual relations are possible during pregnancy, if thereís no threat of its interruption.
16.    Visit medical-genetic consultation surely.
17.    If you notice such symptoms, like bleeding, pains in lower part of belly and waist, increase of body temperature and so on, you need urgently apply for a doctor.
What mother can do for her future baby already now?
Nutrition: during pregnancy you need to receive about 300 additional calories per day. Take additional food in small portions during a day. Itís impossible to compensate lack of nutrition later.
Food allowance: you should take enough quantity of carbohydrates and proteins, not restricting yourself in fruits, vegetables, non-fat dairy produce and lean meat, which contain proteins and mineral substances, necessary for a baby. To prevent defects of development (especially of nervous system), itís necessary to take at least 400 mg of folic acid per day with green leaves of lettuce or citrus juices (or take vitaminic preparations).
Weight increase: a woman should gain 11-16 kg of weight for the whole period of pregnancy, may be little more, if sheís slim, and little less, if sheís full.
Caffeine: during pregnancy a womanís volume of blood doubles (approximately). Misuse of caffeine causes loss of liquid when organism needs it most of all. Some researches discovered correlation between misuse of coffee and small weight of newborn babies.
Alcohol: you should refuse from it (simple truth!). Alcohol during pregnancy leads to deformity of face development, nervous and cardio-vascular systems, mental handicap and defect of behavior.
Smoking: you need to quit it surely. Tobacco smoke is a reason of 25% of cases of newborn babiesí weight loss, leads to miscarriages and premature birth.
Stress: you should avoid stressful situations, as both chronic and sudden serious stresses increases risk of miscarriage and premature birth. You should treat troubles at home or work calmly, use auto-training for this. Remember about use of afternoon sleep.
Physical exercises: good physical form contributes to light passion of delivery and quick recovery later, however donít be over-diligent. Optimal physical loads for pregnant women are swimming and walking.

Safety belts: you shouldnít be afraid of using them: uterus and amniotic fluid protect fetus from traumatizing. You need only to take care that lower belt is lower than belly, and upper one passes between breasts.


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