Baby drawing

If a baby can express his feelings and emotions in a picture Ė this is a gift, which you can only dream of. But little children are often lack of patience and skill to make their creation recognizable, and a word, said by adults carelessly, can ruin a creative impulse, and baby will start believing that drawing is difficult and he cannot do itÖ

A child is learning to understand things, which adults already know and can do. Of course, we feel necessity to support and cheer up a baby, when he cannot do something or experiences troubles. Stencil is that convenient device, which will help a baby loving drawing.

Of course, the process of creation a drawing with a stencil wonít replace drawing lessons and improvisation. But pictures a baby can create with its help will make him believe in himself (itís so great that I can draw!), cheer him up. And the main thing Ė they will help to develop hands motion activity, teach holding a pencil correctly, manage it easily and freely.

Many parents are afraid of giving paints, markers and pencils to their babies: they say babies will draw all walls over and damage floor. But children, who were allowed to rend old magazines and draw without being under adultsí surveillance, occasionally bring less material damage, than those, who are prohibited doing it. None of us is secure from fortuities: itís quite possible, that you will notice a pencil sign on a wall or a rent magazine. But anyway, there will be much less of it, than in houses, where thereíre any bans. And if thereís a special place for drawing lessons in your house, and a baby will be able to take a pencil or paints, when he wishes, - thatís great.

Children are too different as for their temperaments. And if a calm, quiet child can be sitting and drawing being concentrated, then active, motor babies are less disposed towards this. But any child can be carried away by drawing: both calm and active. And simple devices will help you in this Ė stencils.
If you have little time, then you can buy several stencils of animals, made on plastic, at a low price. Itís useful to spend an hour of spare time together with children and make stencils according to their pictures by yourself.

Basic material Ė is transparent plastic. This can be plastic from a shop or a cover from plastic wrapping box and so on. You will also need adhesive tape, a chopper, marker or a bright pen. Children like stencils of animals, birds, fishes, sea animals and dinosaurs. You will also need magazines with good pictures or photos of animals.

How to make a stencil?

If a child wishes to draw out a picture by himself, donít deprive him of this pleasure. Help him, attaching a plastic cover to a sheet accurately. Draw out contour and basic characterizing signs (anyway, stencil will be quite styled, but, undoubtedly, recognizable). Of course, a child will need your help while cutting out a picture with a chopper. Here a firm hand and certain skills are necessary. Put a cardboard or something firm under future stencil while cutting out (for example, a cooking board).

By the way, donít be in a hurry to throw away a figure you cut out, you can also use it as a curve and, drawing out, to receive an image of any animal of bird.

Well, your stencil is ready. You can leave children with pencils, paper and stencils creating pictures and engage in your own hobbiesÖ And you can play with them, arranging a drawing lesson, and receive lots of pleasure and colorful drawings.

A drawing lesson for the whole family

Are you still full of energy? Then cut a sponge into sections (donít forget about a piece for yourself), take paints (gouache, water-colour) and create, using stencils! Pay childrenís attention to the way animals are drawn: back is dark most often, belly is lighter. Try to reproduce strands of wool using a brush. Allow your baby improvising and drawing everything that occurs to him, that he likes and receives pleasure of.

And in future, when your child will start learning drawing in the right way, encourage him inventing his own plots, and his perception of outward things will surely be reflected in them.


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