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We all know that one uses 5 senses to perceive the environment: sense of smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. Taste is one of the first auxiliary instruments for a baby. Mothers know that a baby is always trying to put something into his mouth

We all know that one uses 5 senses to perceive the environment: sense
of smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. Taste is one of the first
auxiliary instruments for a baby. Mothers know that a baby is always
trying to put something into his mouth. It`s good, if it is a rattle or
an apple. But he also can find a bottle or a box with wonderfully
smelling detergent or a bright pill. To avoid this, keep all medicines
in childproof place. Remove all chemicals. Doors of dressers should be
locked. Remove all pestilent plants from your garden, as a baby is so
curios to eat or try them. Remember, all things that children can try
and burn their mouth, gullet, stomach are poison.
So, you hided all dangerous substances. However, you shouldn`t forget
that children are very quick-witted and sometimes can be very
persistent at achieving their goal (for example, a baby will surely
find that bottle from upper shelf and try its content). That`s why
every mother should know what to do, if some poisonous substance came
to a baby`s organism.
Signs of poisoning:
-    Vomiting
-    If a baby swallowed something pungent (for example,
bleach powdering), then his lips and mouth will be red and inflamed;
burn and blisters can appear.
-    Loss of consciousness.
First aid:
-    Call 911 and try to clear up which substance and in
which quantity your baby swallowed. This is necessary to decide whether
you should make him vomiting.
-    Keep a sample of that substance or its label (it`s better to keep both) until
a doctor arrives.
-    Cleanse a baby`s stomach (see below how to cleanse
stomach correctly) and give him activated charcoal solution (3-4 pills
for a glass of water).
-    Stomach lavage is contra-indicated:
-    If a baby is in coma or convulsed
-    If following substances came into stomach:
detergents, anti-insect liquids, liquid ammonia, alkaline solution,
quicklime, bleaching powder, acids (sulphuric, nitric, hydrochloric,
carbolic). Acids and alkalis, coming our from stomach, can burn throat.
-    Benzene, kerosene, turpentine. Mineral oils are
most toxic, when they come to respiratory tract or lungs, and during
vomiting this may happen.
-    In such cases rich drinking and activated charcoal, diluted in water, are recommended.
-    Don`t give milk to your baby, as some poisons are
liposoluble, and fat, contained in milk, can quicken action of poison.
If you baby is poisoned with gas or some miasmas, then:
-    Immediately take or bring a baby out from a polluted room;
-    Take off his cloth;
-    Remove slime and vomit from his mouth and respiratory tract.
If a poisonous substance came into eyes, you need to cleanse them with
a stream of warm water using a rubber bag. Do this procedure during
5-10 minutes.
If a poison-gas came to a baby`s skin, then you need to take off his
cloth and cleanse his skin with warm water with soap, firstly you need
to cleanse damaged areas.
Poisoning with carbon monoxide is met quite often.
Carbon monoxide - is a gas without color and smell. Poisoning appears
imperceptibly and unexpectedly for a person. Often such poisonings take
place while fires in closed rooms, not aired rooms with broken heating
system, closed garages during work of car motors.
-    Squeezing headache, giddiness, knock in temples, sickness, vomit, loss of consciousness.
-    In serious cases defect of psyche and memory takes
place, hallucinations, excitement, then defect of breathing, right up
to its break, and defect of heart activity, right up to heart failure.
-    While state of coma cramps, wet brain, respiratory distress and acute renal insufficiency
take place.
Your actions:
-    Bring baby out on fresh air.
-    Unbutton his cloth and loosen belt.
-    Remove content from mouth cavity and nose.
-    If there`s respiratory standstill, use artificial ventilation.
-    Call 911 urgently.
Let`s examine technique of first aid rendering while poisonings in details:
Stomach lavage
-    Dissolve 2 tea spoons of salt or baking soda in a liter of boiled water.
-    Give this drink to a baby, allow him drinking as much, as he can.
-    Put him across the bed, so that his head would lean
over its edge. Put a big basin on the floor, where you will gather
vomit (later a doctor will be able to analyze them).
-    Put your finger deep in a baby`s mouth, till base
of tongue, and move it during several seconds, so that a baby would
begin choking and stomach spasms would appear.
-    Do everything quickly and confidently; if you begin
hesitating, a baby will bite your finger, he won`t be able to do it, if
he`s choking.
-    You should repeat lavage until you see clean washwater, but at least 3-5 times.
Volume of liquid depends on age:
5-12 months - 100 ml per one dose
2-5 years - 200-300 ml
6-10 years - 300-400 ml
11-15 years - 400-500 ml
- If you failed to cause vomit, give a baby one table spoon of glume
grass syrup (2 tea spoons will be enough for a baby under 2 years). If
you see no reaction in 15 minutes, repeat. Don`t give syrup mote than
- After stomach lavage a baby should take activated charcoal.
Contra-indications: esophageal or gastric bleeding, defect of cerebral circulation,
cramps, unconscious state.
-    Put a baby half-turn on chest, so that his one
hand, stretched back, would be below, and other, bended in elbow, would
be at the front.
-    One leg, the upper one, should be bended in knee at
right angle, to prevent body from turning back or forward.
-    Throw his head back, to prevent tongue from coming to throat.
-    Make him smelling a cotton wool, moistened in liquid ammonia.
And something else about poisonous substances. Some preparations are
not considered poisonous, but can be dangerous for a baby. For example,
tobacco: one eaten cigarette is dangerous for a 1-year-old baby.
Moreover, such substances also include iron, quinine, strychnine pills,
boric acid, aspirin.
Children often swallow substances, which do not bring serious harm:
ink, iodine tincture etc. Anyway, you need to inform doctor about it.

Stay healthy and let your children eat only wholesome things!

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