They issued a book telling about queer names celebrities prefer giving their babies

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A new book about queer baby names among celebrities was issued (Freakonomics). Authors, in particular, remind about strange names celebrities prefer giving their babies sometimes

A new book about queer baby names among celebrities was issued
(Freakonomics). Authors, in particular, remind about strange names
celebrities prefer giving their babies sometimes.

Here`re some unusual names: Audio Science (Shannyn Sossamon), Banjo
(Rachel Griffiths), Puma (Erykah Badu), Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee),
Hermajesty (Jermaine Jackson), Denim (Toni Braxton), God’iss Love (Lil`

According to Guardian, most likely, celebrities think that a fabulous
name will somehow provide fame to their children. There is not always a
correlation between names and success..

In particular, this book writes about a fact, when in the end of 1950s
in New-York one father named his son Loser, and another one - Winner.
Loser made himself a successful carrier, and Winner was in prison
several times for different crimes, starting from domestic violence and
finishing with burglary.

Julia Roberts named one of her twins Phineas, Gwyneth Paltrow`s
daughter name is Apple, Victoria and David Beckham`s babies` name -
Brooklyn and Romeo. And these names seem to be less defiant, than those
that were met among celebrities earlier.

News about David and Victoria Beckham`s third baby caused lots of
gossips and guess-works. And people thought not only about date of
birth and sex of this famous couple`s baby, - probably, one of the most
important points of public discussion was a name, which happy parents
were going to give their baby. As it is known, two elder Beckham sons
have rather original names - Brooklyn and Romeo.

And the couple made a good shot - they named their third baby Cruz. As
it was reported earlier, experts in the area of linguistics called in
question expediency of naming a boy Cruz. “Frankly speaking, I think
this name is rather stupid, - a senior Spanish language teacher from
Oxford University, Lola Oria, said. - They will have problems in Spain,
as Cruz is considered to be a female name there. This is an old female
name, it is clearly Spanish, and English-speaking people will have
difficulties pronouncing it, moreover, calling a little boy”.

As it is known, David Beckham has a tattoo on his waist in the form of
the word “Brooklyn”, and on shoulders - tattooed picture of cross and
crucifixion. The word Cruz means “cross” in Spanish, what afforded
grounds for journalists to think about the reason of such name choice
for their third baby.

These days it emerged that Chelsea football-player Frank Lampard and
his Spanish girlfriend named their daughter Luna. As it turned out,
Victoria Beckham was already planning such name for her baby, if she
would give birth to a girl.

Curiously the dash for newness in names among celebrities influenced
fans they are trying to impress not so much. Simple British people
prefer naming their babies in a traditional way: Thomas, Daniel,
William, Emily, Lucy and Sophie. During 10 years Jack was on the first
place in England. Such simple names show that worlds of celebrities`
names and simple people`s names are separated by a huge gap.

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