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You get used that fruit dishes and various desserts should be sweet. This is so tasty! But is it good for a baby? LetA?A?A?s see

You get used that fruit dishes and various desserts should be sweet. This is
so tasty! But is it good for a baby? LetA?A?A?s see.
Sweet white crystals are produced of sugar-cane or beet. It would seem,
the fact that this purified product is received from plants should
confirm its use. And organism really needs sugar. But in small
quantities. You shouldnA?A?A?t give sugar to your baby during first 12
months of his life. MotherA?A?A?s milk, formula, and also fruits, vegetables
and cereals contain it.
One-year-old should receive only 30 g, and three-year-old one A?A?A? about 40 g of
The main task of a sweet product is to provide organism with
carbohydrates. Then they are transformed into glucose. Glucose is a
universal source of energy. And it also excites appetite. However, you
should not give your baby candies before dinner. Sugar, contained in
them, has no feed value, but it is rather high-calorie. ThatA?A?A?s why your
baby will not eat after sugar candy.
Born with a sweet tooth
Your milk is the first dainty for a baby. It is sweet, as sugar from
motherA?A?A?s food comes to it. But this does not mean you need to sweeten
tea and puree. A baby will gladly eat an apple or a carrot, receiving
pleasure from natural taste. Moreover, natural glucose is much more
Your baby asks a chocolate? Dietitians do not recommend giving such
sweets to babies under 3 years. Chocolate contains much fat, as a
result, load on stomach and pancreas increases. Highly allergic
children should not eat chocolate at all.
It is better to exclude cakes, pastries and ice-cream of fat sorts from menu.
Such dainties are heavy for fermentative system.
Caramel is also unwanted. It influences enamel negatively.
Competent dainties
DonA?A?A?t think that all sweets are a taboo for your baby. After 1 year you
can begin your babyA?A?A?s acquaintance with sugar little by little. You can
sugar tea slightly or add a half of tea spoon in a pap. Read about all
tasty sweets that wonA?A?A?t bring harm to your baby.
Are you going to bake a festive pie for your baby? Make it tasty and
wholesome. Use natural ingredients and donA?A?A?t whip rich creams of butter
and sour cream.
Eastern pie (3 years)
1 glass of flour
2 glasses of sugar
3 eggs
1 glass of walnuts
A?A?A? glass of raisins
A?A?A? glass of dried apricots
A?A?A? of tea spoon if soda
Pour over walnuts and dried apricots with boiling water, dry a little
and cut small. Add raisins, sugar, flour, eggs and little soda. Mix
thoroughly. Put pastry in a big mould (layer is not higher than 1,5
cm). Bake during 35-40 minutes. Eat pie the following day.
Fruit jelly or pastila
Consist of sugar, molasses and fruit sauce (apple, gooseberries and
currants). These sweets have also healing power! Jelly-like consistence
and pectin envelop alimentary canal and bring out toxins from organism.
Buy only soft fruit jelly.
Is not only a tasty, but also medicinal product. This bee delicacy
raises immunity, adds powers, helps coping with viruses quickly and
winning diseases. Remember: honey A?A?A? is a strong allergen. Give it to a
baby carefully and not more often than 1-2 times per week.

Is produced of fruit-berry puree (generally apple one), molasses,
whipped whites and sugar. Choose vanilla or creamy marsh-mallow for the
first time. Further offer fruit, with coco-nut shreds. And marsh-mallow
in couverture is not for your baby yet.

Candied fruits

Will replace any candies wonderfully. A baby will like natural fruits
in sweet syrup. Choice is huge, you can treat yourself with usual
apples, pears, melons, pine-apple, pawpaw, mango.

It is very easy to cook these refined dainties: cut a fruit in particles and boil
them thoroughly in sugar liquor.

Confiture, jam, fruit butter

A baby will like them! You just should be careful. Start with 2-3
tea-spoons. Firstly offer an apple and pear jam, then give a berry jam
of currant or raspberry.

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