Does your man want children? His features will tell you…

American scientists determined that women are amazingly precise while describing a level of a man’s love for children, basing only on his features, and they can choose an appropriate partner for their future family using this ability. Sometimes they just should look at a potential partner’s picture.

In the process of investigation 39 heterosexual men from 18 to 33 years were offered couples of pictures, one with a baby image and other with adult person image. Then they were offered to choose the one that is most interesting for them.

Some men chose only babies, some – only adults, and others alternated. Scientists also took samples of their saliva to determine a level of testosterone. Then they took pictures of these men with neutral expressions, and these pictures were shown to 29 women, who also took part in this experiment.

Women were asked to value, who of men on pictures was most interested in children, who was most masculine, and whom they would like to have as a partner for long or short-term relationships.
Women recognized men, interested in children, amazingly precisely, and also pointed to men with highest level of testosterone. They chose men, who love children, for long relationships, and those who were more masculine – for short-term.

Results of researches were published in Proceedings of the Royal Society magazine, as British The Times writes. Men with such type of appearance, like actors Tom Hanks or Leonardo Di Caprio, were valued as family-oriented more often, moreover, their faces are more “childish”.

“They have more roundish features, small chins, friendly expression, and eyes are rather big relatively to size of head, - it says. – Women, looking at someone of Tom Hanks type, are impressed by his friendly face and think he treats children warmly”.

However, these “rules of attraction” are not irreproachable at all. Although Tom Hanks has 4 children, he still deserted a mother of his first 2 children, Dario Maestripieri from Chicago University, who headed research, says.

Contrary to this, men with more masculine faces, square chins, not so big eyes, of strong build, what usually testifies of high level of testosterone, embody an image of more aggressive and less careful people. As an example, Maestripieri names Mickey Rourke and Christopher Reeve.

Children-loving men attract more, if women are inclined to long-term relationships. However, if women need short-term relationships, they prefer male faces with more marked masculinity, what often can be met among men with high level of testosterone. For a brief affair a man’s genetic qualities are more important – his external masculinity.

This new information confirms evolutionistic prognosis about differences in woman’s preferences concerning choice of partner, depending on certain circumstances. Searching for a steady partner, who will help her upbringing children, a woman, according to theory of evolution, should prefer a man, who shows readiness to devote himself to posterity.

Now it is scientifically confirmed.  “Our research firstly gives direct proofs, that women’s opinions concerning men’s attraction depend on men’s attitude to children and a man’s concentration of hormones”, - Maestripieri says.


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