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Massage has many-sided influence on a kid`s organism. Baby`s skin surface (especially during first years of life) in ratio to body weight is much bigger, than of adults`. That`s why during massage a big stream of impulses is directed to nervous system

has many-sided influence on a kid`s organism. Baby`s skin surface (especially
during first years of life) in ratio to body weight is much bigger, than of
adults`. That`s why during massage a big stream of impulses is directed to
nervous system. Psychologists and teachers noticed that baby`s first speech
reactions appear while stroking of legs, belly.
influences physical and neuropsychic development of babies positively,
contributes to timely appearance of motor habits and their consistent perfection.
Strengthening organism and contributing to general development, massage and
physical exercises help to prevent diseases.
are extremely important for normal baby development and growth. As a result,
none of systems will remain unchanged. First of all, these changes concern
muscles, bones, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, what is especially
important during a period of their formation and most plasticity.
The most
important result of systematic exercising is normalization of nervous
processes. General qualities of these processes: power, balance, mobility - are
improved, what is very important for correct and harmonious development of
kids upbringing you cannot underestimate the fact that motions are basic source
of joy for them, and good cheerful mood - is a base of strong health. Each
emotion means peculiar condition and peculiar character of heart and vessels
work: negative emotions (sadness, fear, anger) cause constriction of vessels,
what creates negative conditions for nutrition of tissues, joy dilates vessels,
and favorable conditions for nutrition and work of organs are created.
The main
thing is that massage and gymnastics for a baby - are not only a therapeutic
procedure, but also pleasure. Remember, your mood is passed to your baby
immediately, let daily exercises be joy for both of you.
interdependent reflex, neurohumoral, neuroendocrinal, metabolic processes,
regulated by central nervous system, form the basis of mechanism of massage
of receptor cells (effectors, perceiving mechanic influence), converting
energy of mechanic irritants into impulses, coming to nervous system, is an
initial section in mechanism of these reactions. Forming responses contribute
to normalization of central nervous system functions.
Influence of
massage on nervous system.  Massage
improves blood circulation in brain vessels and increases its activity.
Psycho-emotional condition is also normalized. Health and mood are clearly
improved. Massage influences vegetative nervous system positively, activating
its sympatic section. It quickens conductivity of impulses through peripheral nerves.
It has marked sedative analgesic effect.
influence on skin. During massage skin is released of exfoliating epidermis.
Functions of sweat and oil glands are improved. Skin elasticity and resiliency
heighten. Quantity of functioning thermoreceptors increases, functioning of nociceptors
improves, skin temperature rises, thermo-asymmetries disappear. Galvanic skin resistance
changes to better.
influence on cardio-vascular system. After massage quantity of functioning
capillaries dilates and increases, what contributes to increase of blood supply
of massaging area, reduction of congested phenomena, coming out of blood from
of liver and spleen. After massage quantity of capillaries in 1 mm2 of muscular
transection increases from 31 to 1400 and general capacity of capillaries
increases 140 times and more. As a result of massage blood circulation through
arteries becomes easier and venous drainage quickens. While heightened
arterial tension it lowers, while lowered - increases. Tone of vessels
normalizes, microcirculation, blood and lymph flow increase and quicken, blood
affluxion through arteries and venous drainage increase.
These changes take place not only in massaging area, but also in separate parts
of body - in non-massaged symmetric extremity, in legs during arms massage and
vise versa.
improves myocard contractile function, increases sizes of stroke and cardiac outputs,
reducing indices of peripheral resistance, increases blood filling of peripheric vessels,
contributes to economization of heart work. It increases physical capacity for
work, affecting all sections of central and peripheric circulatory dynamics
Massage influence
on muscles and locomotor system. Massage renews strength of a tired
muscle, increases its capacity for work, and heightens bioelectric muscular
activity. It normalizes plastic muscular tone (rest) and contractile one,
increases their contractility. It improves functional condition of neuromuscular apparatus.
Improving blood supply in joints and surrounding tissues, it contributes to resolution
of edema, strengthens joints and chords.
influence on breathing function. Massage improves function of external respiration,
heightening bronchi permeability, reserve possibilities of breathing, increases
arterial blood saturation with oxygen and secretion of carbonic acid.
influence on metabolic processes. Massage affects indices of blood coagulation
and anti-coagulation systems, lipid exchange, acid-alkali balance. It
improves tissues supply with oxygen and contributes to removal of metabolites,
increases speed of lactic acid oxidation, reduces urea content in blood. 

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