Pregnancy and dreams

We have been always striving to lift the veil of secrecy from our dreams. During many centuries dreams were treated exceptionally as a sign from above, a signal to action, prediction. In 19th century psychoanalysis appeared and began developing and, in many aspects, attitude to dreams changed due to it. Modern scientists consider dream to be a product of psyche, a source of information about experiences and emotional state of a person.

Many future mothers note that their dreams change suddenly with coming of pregnancy: they became bright and colorful, full of emotions and feelings. Some women treat such changes calmly, taking them for granted, others sense serious stress. Pregnant women often tell psychologist about their dreams. We’ll try to answer most popular questions. So, what a future mother dreams about?

Dreams-predictions. Probably, yet long before pregnancy, you had a dream about fish or pond. May be, you dreamt of a pregnant woman or your own baby, whom you don’t have yet. Such dreams often bring many positive motions and leave light feeling of joy for the whole day. Should we call such dreams prophetic?
Most often during first days and even weeks of pregnancy a woman doesn’t know about her state yet. A future mother can feel changes happening inside of her instinctively, but she doesn’t feel 100% confidence. But her organism is already informed about conception of a new life! It sends specific signals to brain, caused by change of female organism’s hormonal background. This information passes a difficult path in a pregnant woman’s brain, alters in mysterious and poorly known structure of psyche, called unconsciousness, and from there penetrates into dreams. Dream may become the first signal, saying that you will become a mother soon! And besides future mothers, women, who are psychologically ready for maternity or are planning to conceive a baby soon, can see dreams-predictions.  

Bad dreams. Pregnancy is confirmed, first emotions are behind. Now it is turn of adaptation to a new state: a future mother is thinking a lot about her baby, tries to learn about pregnancy and childbirth as much as possible, passes through checkups. On some stage dreams may worry her again. These can be nightmares or just oppressive dreams, after which she feels fear and after-pains.

Heather, 28 weeks of pregnancy: “In recent time I often dream the same nightmare. I’m walking along the city, and suddenly ground starts splitting under my feet, forming a big hole, where I’m falling sweepingly. At this moment I realize that I’m pregnant, and fears for my baby health and life cause acute wish to call for help. I’m trying to cry as hard as I can, but I cannot, cry gets stuck in my throat. This is real horror! And when fall stops, I awake suddenly, still not understanding how my dream ended. Negative emotions become stronger because of this…”

Facts show that majority of women have bad dreams and nightmares in the midst of pregnancy. One of the main dreams is fall, which, as a rule, is accompanied by a sense of fear, and sometimes terror. What does it mean?

Psychologists call 2 reasons of such night fears. The first one – is presence of physiological discomfort, accompanying pregnancy. And by the midst of “family way” a future mother begins feeling motions of her baby, internals feel rather tight, uterus presses on bladder, fits of feet and giddiness happen… All these troubles can provoke appearance of bad dreams. If you understood that a reason of bad dreams is hidden right in physiological discomfort, try to remove them. Do a light gymnastics in the evening: for example, a “cat” exercise will help you to remove load from back and kidneys. Don’t eat before going to bed – internals also need good rest! Ask some of your close people to do a light massage of feet for you. Evacuate before going to bed. It is very important to watch your nutrition, pass necessary tests in time. And take maximum care of your berth comfort. For this purpose you can buy special pillows or bolsters, relieving load on backbone and neck. You need to sleep in a room with good ventilation, to avoid lack of oxygen.

Second reason of bad dreams – are fears, connected with pregnancy and childbirth. Mind is trying to get rid of negative emotions, accumulated as a result of a future mother’s stresses, with help of sleep. Try to receive as much true information on pregnancy and childbirth, as you can, trust only experts. Attendance of pre-natal courses, reading of appropriate magazines and books, communication with psychologists, doctors, and experienced mothers will help to cope with anxiety.  First of all, a reason of fears is lack of information on necessary topics. Decision of this task will definitely have positive effect on quality of your dream.

Here’s an exercise that will help you to overcome anxiety and fear. Prepare a sheet of paper and a pen. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes. Count up 10. It is important for you to feel comfortable and calmly. Ask yourself: “What I’m afraid of? What worries me?”. And now write down everything that occurs to you, even most absurd thoughts. Try to write at least 25 answers. Then roll up sheet of paper and hide it.

Revert to this list in a couple of days. Start exercise from slow count, and then try to read all records, not valuing them: skip through points, marking the ones which worry you most. Anxieties, that didn’t find response in your feelings, can be easily deleted: most likely, you wrote down momentary fear, anxiety, worrying you only at the moment of composing the list. After this procedure put aside this list for another coupler of days, and then repeat exercise again. This way you will reduce this list to minimum quantity of points – it is desirable to leave only 3-4 ones, but not more, than 5. These will be basic sources of anxieties, elimination of which you will have to work at. Try to get as much information on questions, connected to left points of your list directly, as you can.

Creative work will help you to get rid of strong and stable fears. Take crayons and draw your fear on paper. For this, try to feel you attitude to it before you start drawing. Which associations do you have? This can be something concrete, abstract or just shapeless color blots. Try to analyse less during creative work, draw instinctively. Look at your picture closely. Put a picture aside for several minutes, starting some other work, then take a paper and think about details you should add to a composition to make fear go. May be, you need to paint everything in other colors, or change a picture completely. What have you got? As a rule, anxieties grow dim and become not so painful after this exercise. Think, may be you want to add something to a picture. If you have such wish, change composition till complete feeling of completeness of your work. If in the end of creative process you feel a sense of relief – then your goal is reached.

Dreams about childbirth. Sometimes a future mother dreams she’s giving birth. There’re 3 types of such dreams. The first one – are rather little emotional dreams with clear plot, where a woman does not feel pain or fear while giving birth. A character of such dream is easily explicable: a future mother dedicates much time to reading and communication on pregnancy and delivery topics. That’s why her brain continues working in this direction during night time too.

However, sometimes dreams of childbirth arouse fear and anxiety, leaving after-pains in memory. Jessica tells about her dream: “I dreamt of my delivery. Firstly everything went the supposed way. But after delivery birth pangs didn’t stop. Doctor told me that another baby would be born now. As a result, 4 babies were born. I asked doctor whether I have other babies inside of me and received positive answer. Doctor also said me that she cannot tell a quantity of babies, left inside of me, but there’re at least 2 of them, and pregnancy didn’t stop for them yet. I woke up in bad mood and sense of anxiety accompanied me the whole day…”

Earlier Jessica told that her husband didn’t want a baby. However, she has always been dreaming of a big family – at least 3 children, but husband didn’t share her joy of future maternity. This woman’s dreams illustrate mechanism of a future mother’s reflection of anxiety on her dreams very well. If you’re worried by anxious dreams about delivery, try to understand what frightens you at this moment. When you get rid of anxieties, your dream will become calmer.

The last type of dreams about delivery – are dreams, when women feels very negative feelings. Emotions can be accompanied by physical sensations, close to the ones that woman in childbirth feels. Future mothers, who see such dreams, have strong fear of delivery process itself. To have a calm and good rest at night, try to get rid of negative with help of one of the ways, described above. If anxiety is very strong, and independent rescue from feelings is impossible, apply to psychologist.

A baby in a dream. During pregnancy many women can dream their baby after childbirth. There’re 2 types of such dreams. The first one includes dreams, close to possible reality in content. For example, a future mother sees her baby and sometimes follows process of his growth. As a rule, a baby behavior in such dreams corresponds to a usual behavior of babies of proper age. Such dream – is a sign that your mind is ready for maternity, it is a direct result of your pleasant expectations, thoughts, preparations for childbirth. During day you were thinking of your baby, communicating with him, dreaming of time, when you will be able to hug your baby. Dreams can approach long-awaited time and give you a possibility to enjoy maternity yet before childbirth.

In the second type of dreams there’s also a baby, but events are unreal: for example, new-born babies walk, speak, their teeth cut. Tina told about such dream being on 8th months of pregnancy. She dreamt that she gave birth to a little daughter. About 1,5-2 months passed. Once a baby was lying in her cot and when her mother was passing by, she said: “I’m cold, cover me”. Tine was slightly surprised, thinking while dreaming: “May be she can read also?”. She brought a book to a baby, and really, girl began reading fluently.

Such dreams are usually little emotional, but they are quite bright and remain in memory. They say that a woman is not psychologically ready for childbirth yet, her mind gets rid of fears with help of dream, where a peculiar “montage” takes place: a future mother is offered a role of a mother of already grown-up child. To get rid of such dreams, psychologists recommend dedicating time, left before childbirth, to psychological and physical preparation for this complicated, but such joyful event – giving birth to your baby! Attend pre-natal courses, learn physical exercises for pregnant (gymnastics, yoga, swimming), and study types of breathing: it is breathing that will become your true helper in relief of delivery sensations. It is very good to learn technique of relaxation to get rid of fear of delivery, and in the process – of painful sensations.

If you had a saturated day, filled with thoughts and anxieties, you got tired on work or someone spoiled your mood – suppressed condition also can influence character of dreams negatively. So try to leave all troubles in parting day before going to bed, relax and “switch off” serious thoughts. It is useful to spend a procedure of relaxation before sleeping, to relax your body and calm down thoughts, this way preparing your organism for calm rest. If you had a hard day, it can be difficult to switch over. In such case try to say your thoughts, then determine, which changes took place, whether anxiety reduced. Say result surely.

Sweet dreams! 


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