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In every young mother`s life such moment comes, when she stops nursing her baby and thinks about choice of such variant of nutrition, which would help to gain previous figure quickly and without damage for health

In every young mother`s life such moment comes, when she stops nursing her baby
and thinks about choice of such variant of nutrition, which would help to gain
previous figure quickly and without damage for health.
But in fact, it often happens that a woman gets lost in labyrinths of information
on diets. It seems that now you can try everything that is tempting on you, or
combine several methods. But should you be in a hurry? Let`s see what famous diets
offer us and decide what is most optimal.
So, what do they usually tell us? You need to grow thin, but without threat for
your health.. Everything is simple: you need to eat correctly and live active
way of life. It`s quite time to decode this banal truth!
Stages of a great path, various ideas and variants of healthy nutrition came
through, are really thorny and polysemantic.
Since most ancient times, studying processes of digestion, doctors strived to
determine optimal combination of products, which would provide health to a man
and would not bring harm, anyway. But they were lucky on this path not always.
1. Right up to XVIII century there was antique theory of nutrition. According
to this theory, there were no any restrictions in schedule of nutrition.
2. In the beginning of XX century theory of ideal nutrition gained special popularity.
Adding this theory to armoury, people began eating purified products to the maximum:
- refined oils,
- sugar,
- cereals,
- macaroni,
- broths,
- juices.
It remained only to provide human organism with fats, proteins, carbohydrates,
vitamins and mineral substances in necessary proportions. A future dinner was
imagined by scientists like a dose of several pills of “ideal food” and certain
quantity of water. Such “wholesome” nutrition led to spread of adiposity, atherosclerosis,
diabetes, and then main - cancerous growths. “Excess food” turned to contain necessary
substances for organism, having anti-sclerotic and antitumoral effects. So, theory
of adequate nutrition, offered by a Russian academician Ugolev A.M. in the eighties,
was accepted positively in the world. Its essence was in the fact that food should
contain also ballast substances.
This theory was worked out by an American dietitian Herbert Shelton. The advantage
of this method is in the fact that it is not connected with observation of strict
schedule of nutrition.
However, according to Shelton, you cannot mix products, which require different
chemical environments for their digestion, during one meal. For assimilation of
some products, for example, rich in protein (meat, fish, milk, cheese, fruits),
acid condition is necessary; carbohydrates (cereals and farinaceous foods, vegetables,
rich in carbohydrates, sweets) - alcaline condition, for others (mushrooms, nuts,
lettuce, vegetable and animal oils, tomatoes, pepper) - neutral.
If processes pass simultaneously, they interfere each other: incomplete digestion,
forming of toxic substances and as a result - load on liver are possible. Shelton
sees way out in separate meals of “incompatible” products. In other words, you
cannot mix proteins with carbohydrates.
For example, you cannot eat macaroni with meat. Macaroni - is a starchy food,
meat - proteinic. Such food, according to the theory, is incompatible.

Neutral food includes mainly vegetables. They are called neutral, as they could
be eaten both with starchy and proteinic food. For example, you can eat macaroni
with cauliflower, leaving meat for later.

Turning over pages of a culinary book on a classical variant of this theory,
you can see it is almost impossible to cook more than half of recipes. The reason
is that many dishes should be cooked of plants and herbs that grow anywhere, but
not near you!
What do I think of this theory? I think, it is possible to observe its elements.
But you need to be very careful. Sometimes you just don`t want to eat some products
mixed together. You want to eat an apple separately, eat a anywhere separately.

There is no unity among vegetarians:

- strict vegetarians eat only vegetable food,
- lacto-vegetarians eat also dairy produce,
- ovolacto-vegetarians add eggs to their ration.
There`re variations, when vegetarians become fruitarians and eat only raw fruits,
and “partial” vegetarianism includes fish and chicken in ration.
Of course, vitamin diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, with low content of fats,
is wholesome for cardio-vascular system and prevents risk of appearance of many
What should you fear of?

- For vegetarians there is a danger of lack of an important vitamin B12, which
is contained in products of animal origin in nature. Its lack can lead to appearance
of anemia.

- Another danger - lack of vitamin D (especially in Northern regions), forming
while sunshine and containing in milk.
What shall you do?

- First of all, vegetarian diet should be balanced the way it would fill up
proteins and starches, which do not come to organism with meat, fish, egg and
dairy produce, owing to products of vegetable origin.

- To prevent lack of necessary substances for organism, you need to take multi-vitamin
An American doctor Peter d`Adamo offered method of nutrition according to blood
group. Essence of his theory is following:

1. Interaction of blood with food, coming to organism, is directly connected
with genetic peculiarities of a person.

2. To normalize work of immune and digestion systems, a man should eat products,
which correspond to his blood group, in other words, those, which his ancestors
ate in ancient times.

3. Exclusion of substances, incompatible with blood, off your ration reduces
content of slags in organism, improves work of internals and contributes to weight

4. Consumption of “alien” products leads to agglutination of proteins with
blood cells, increase of slags in organism.
Diets, according to blood groups:
Blood group I (0)
People with blood group I (0) and called “hunters” should eat animal proteins
and refuse from bread, macaroni and dairy produce.
Blood group I (0) - is the oldest and most popular. People with this blood group-
are consumers of meat, with strong alimentary canal, super-active immune system,
bad adaptation to new diets. Alimentary canal of “hunters” has not adjusted itself
to dairy produce and cereals yet.
Especially wholesome products: mutton, beef, salmon, cod, pike, olive, linseed-oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds,
beet, fig.
Products, consumption of which should be restricted: dairy produce, pork, cheeses, cotton cheese, macaroni, oranges, wild strawberry,
mandarins, melon, avocado, corn and peanut oil, potato, olives.
Products, contributing to weight gain: wheat, corn, haricot, beans, cabbage, cauliflower.
Products, contributing to weight loss: red meat, liver, sea food.

Blood group II (A)

Representatives of this blood group - “farmers” - should stick to vegetarianism.

Appearance of blood group II (A) is connected with people`s switch to agriculture.
Owners of II blood group - are vegetarians with sensitive alimentary canal. They
need ecologically clean natural food.

People with blood group II should exclude from their ration: meat (if in organism
of “hunters” meat is burned like gasoline, then in organism of “farmers” it is
turned into fat), they also assimilate dairy produce badly.

However, “farmers” can eat various natural products with low content of fat,
vegetables and cereals.
Especially wholesome products: sea food in moderate quantities, soy, haricot, beans, buckwheat, rice, artichoke,
girasol, vegetable oils, soy food, vegetables and pine-apples.
Products, which consumption should be restricted: white bread, potato, apricots, cranberry, ketchup, mayonnaise. They should
exclude meat and meat food absolutely.
Products, contributing to weight gain: meat, dairy produce, haricot, wheat.
Products, contributing to weight loss: vegetable oils, soy food, vegetables, pine-apples.

Blood group III (B)

People with this blood group, or “nomads”, cannot eat soy, chicken meat, sunflower-seed
oil, tomatoes and pomegranates; all dairy products, fish, mutton, hare and linseed-oil
are wholesome for them.

Blood group III (B) appeared, when human tribes began migrating to the North,
to the territories with severe climate. Owners of blood group II have strong immune
system and wider choice of food. They are main consumers of milk. To keep figure
and good mood, they need to combine physical and mental activity equally.
Especially wholesome products: mutton, hare, mackerel, cod, flounder, goat’s milk cheese, olive oil, oatmeal,
rice, parsley, white cabbage, pine-apples, plums.
Products, which consumption should be restricted: goose-flesh, chicken, beef, pork, heart, shrimps, anchovy, lobster, sunflower-seed,
peanut and corn oil, buckwheat, rye-bread, tomatoes, pomegranates, persimmon.
Products, contributing to weight gain: corn, lentil, peanut, buckwheat, sesame seeds.
Products, contributing to weight loss: red meat, liver, dairy produce with low fat content, green vegetables, eggs.

Blood group IV (AB)

Base of nutrition for owners of IV blood group (AB), called “new people”, should
consist of sour milk non-fat products, mutton, venison, vegetables and fruits.

Blood group IV (AB) appeared less than thousand years ago as a result of mixture
of other groups. People with this blood group react to changes of environment
and nutrition quickly. They have sensitive alimentary canal and too tolerant immune
system. The best way to stay fit - is to combine intellectual work and light physical

Mixed heredity influences overweight. Owners of blood group IV should restrict
consumption of meat, or combine it with vegetables, to lose weight. Heredity of
B-ancestors - is a negative insulin reaction to haricot, corn, buckwheat and sesame.
But due to A-ancestors their organism accepts lentil and peanut well. Unlike those
and that AB-people react to wheat well.
Especially wholesome products: mutton, turkey, cod, mackerel, sour milk produce, corn oil, oatmeal, white
bread, colewort, cranberry, pine-apples.
Products, which consumption should be restricted: beef, bacon, duck’s flesh, flounder, crab, salmon, whole milk, olive oil, pumpkin
seeds, beans, buckwheat, radish, avocado, bananas, pomegranates.
Products, contributing to weight gain: red meat, haricot, corn, buckwheat, wheat.
Products, contributing to weight loss: sea food (except canned, dried and smoked), soy, dairy produce, green vegetables,
Here products, peculiar to each blood group, are described. However, while choosing food and diet according to blood group you need to consider your
individuality, origin and blood group of your ancestors
How did this method prove itself?
- Doctors still have not come to agreement as for efficiency of nutrition according
to blood group, although majority of them agree with this theory.

- This method of weight loss is efficient only for healthy people, not suffering
from any chronic diseases.

- Method is tested by many women and while wise observation it often brings good
If above mentioned methods - is somehow a way of life, then fasting diets can be considered a “lighter form” of nutrition. They are quite
various and wholesome for purifying of organism
. Regardless of your weight, it is recommended to practice them 1-2 times per
week. Doctor will help you to choose an appropriate diet.

Fasting day - is a peculiar shaking of organism, which loses about 500-800 g
of mass during a day.

You can alternate fasting diets. Vegetable days are usually beared easily, as
rather big volume of food creates a feeling of satiety and slows down food center
refectory. Albuminous food is also beared well, it quickens assimilation of carbohydrates
and fats.
So, do you prefer dairy produce, vegetables or meat? Then choose a fasting diet
to your taste and mood!
Drink 1-1,5 liters of fresh one-day kefir without sugar in 5 doses with equal
intervals of time. Sour milk of al sorts can be combined with sweet fruits and


Eat 1,2-1,8 kg of vegetables (except potato) in any culinary processing or raw
in the form of salads, vinaigrettes in 6 doses. For example, vinaigrette: grate
100 g of raw and 100 g of boiled beet, 100 g of raw carrot, put 2 table spoons
of green peas, 50 g of spring onions, 1-2 cloves of dusty garlic, mix with pickled
cucumber cut small, season with vegetable oil (1-2 table spoons) and lemon juice
and vinegar.

You can cook salad: chop 400 g of white cabbage, pour with boiling water and
leave in it for 203 minutes (to remove bitter taste), pour off water, squeeze
cabbage slightly, salt a little, season with sunflower-seed oil or mayonnaise,
adding sugar to your taste.
Meat diet

I variant

400 g of non-fat meat, boiled without salt, divide in 4 portions, eat each part
with vegetable (except potato) garnish 9150-300 g). Moreover, it is desirable
to drink a glass of tea without sugar (dog-rose decoction) for breakfast and supper
this day.

II variant

200-250 g of non-fat boiled meat, 2 glasses of tea without sugar and 1-2 glasses
of some juice. Divide food in 5-6 doses.
Movie stars diet

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee, 2 slices of bread, 2 soft-boiled eggs, 3 tomatoes.

Dinner: 250 g of meat, fried without fat (in grill), lettuce, apple.

Afternoon snack: coffee, two biscuits.

Supper: like breakfast.

This diet may be used relatively long, as it contains all necessary substances.

Summing up, we will say again, that you should not try diets without consultation with your doctor. After pregnancy,
delivery and period of nursing your organism has not rebuilt completely yet, hormonal
background is subjected to analysis. Go in for sport, try to move more!
First of all, your life should be changed the way your energy consumption would
exceed quantity of calories, coming to organism with food. And in this case you
will have to reduce your usual menu, but not so severely, as any low-calorie diets

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