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Which dangers expect pregnant women while working with computer? In the fist part of this article we will talk about not proven facts yet, but all the same they frighten us seriously, in the second - about real and indisputable negative after-effects of work with computer, which, regardless of their evidence, don`t frighten users so much

dangers expect pregnant women while working with computer?

In the
fist part of this article we will talk about not proven facts yet, but all the
same they frighten us seriously, in the second - about real and indisputable
negative after-effects of work with computer, which, regardless of their evidence,
don`t frighten users so much. So.

Part 1. Unknown harm or what we are afraid

We all
heard that computer is a source of various radiations and electromagnetic fields.
Majority of us imagine this quite approximately. When we think that we are
affected by some unknown influence, we begin feeling very uncomfortable, we
want to protect ourselves, secure with something. Modern mythological art
offers us lots of ways of struggle with invisible mysterious radiation - here
goes pentagram, which you should draw around monitor, and cactuses, which supposedly
absorb all “radiation” and transform it into thick thorns. Well, if you stop
thinking about radiation, after you put a flowerpot near monitor, then it`s ok
(of course, under the condition, that your monitor corresponds to modern
standards of safety and you don`t sit in front of it days and nights). If you
are still interested in learning real degree of danger for health, read

medicine cannot clearly answer a question about influence of computer on human
organism now. This happens because doctors just have not enough information.

Firstly, term of
observations (20-30 years - this is approximate time, which humankind spent in
front of computer) is clearly insufficient for serious conclusions.

Secondly, it is impossible
to observe cleanness of experiment: of course, experiences on people are out of
the question. There`re 2 ways left - experiences on animals (and their results,
of course, cannot be transferred on people completely) and observation of state
of people, working with computer (but in this case it is almost impossible to
receive reliable information, as you cannot separate influence of computer from
other factors).

Thirdly, parameters of
computers during whole time of observation changed radically several times:
radiation of monitors of eighties - beginning of ninetieths, glass screen of
which was not covered by any protective layer at all, was much stronger, than
radiation of modern monitors. Cases of negative influence of computer
radiation, fixed in eighties, stroke medical community and became one of the
reasons, which induced scientists to work out a new standard, and manufacturers
of computers - to work over their safety. It is possible to frighten pregnant
women of 21st century with terrible stories of last century (and you
should) only in case they work with monitors of ten years’ prescription.

make a conclusion: except several cases, which we will discuss below (in
particular, worsening of sight, defect of blood circulation in small pelvis),
medicine fixed only single reliable cases of negative influence of modern
monitors on human health. This only means that we just don`t know yet, how much
it is dangerous. We will be able to judge remote after-effects of work with
computer for life and human health only after a generation of computer users
changes, i.e. we are still in the “stage of experiment”, and our children and
grand-children will have more reliable information.

those, who work with computer, have these children and grand-children? Will
computer cause sterility, influence passing of pregnancy, development of fetus?
Doctors are only accumulating information. So, it is known, that probability of
miscarriage for women who work with computer is higher. According to modern
norms of protection of labour, pregnant women are suspended from work with PC.
It`s you to decide - if you are sure of safety of modern PC and don`t think
necessary to stop working with it, join multi-million army of users,
accumulating experimental information (not necessarily negative), for future
generation of medics. And if you decide to show care and quit working with PC
for a while, you will not be lonely here too, millions of people will also
share your opinion. Time will show the truth.

Part 2. Obvious harm or what we got used

now let`s talk on more concrete topics. Work of PC operator is accompanied with
some harmful factors, able to provoke professional diseases. We will talk not
about radiation, but about well-known tension of sight, concentration of
attention, necessity to spend much time in one position etc. Let`s examine them
in detail.


about health with any PC user, and first of all he will complain about problems
with sight. Recently American ophthalmologists even introduced a special term
computer vision syndrome, describing
complex of symptoms of vision disorder and eye diseases, caused by work with

of people, who spend much time in front of monitor, sooner or later, begin
complaining of lowering of keenness of sight, bifurcation in eyes, quick
tiredness while any kind of work, connected with sight tension, difficulties
while necessity to focus eyes on a certain object.

these functional disorders, PC users note painful sensations in eyes: sensation
of burning pain (and sometimes, on the contrary, heightened tearfulness), reddening
of eyeballs, pain while moving eyeballs - like there`s sand under your

these events are connected both with fundamentally new factor - unusual
character of picture on monitor and the fact that work with PC requires much visual
tension (for example, watchmakers and assemblers of microelectronics also
suffer from professional sight diseases).

although there are no information, saying that computer leads to chronic
diseases of eyes (anyway, percent of those who suffer from cataract is not
higher among PC operators, than among representatives of other professions), it
is undoubtedly, that work with computer contributes to worsening of functioning
of accommodation apparatus (muscles, controlling change of configuration of lens)
and progress of myopia.
pregnant woman`s computer vision syndrome, firstly, may lead to heightened
tiredness (during this period female organism is susceptible to overloads anyway),
and moreover, pregnancy itself can predispose to increase of predispose, and
while presence of additional harmful factors this risk heightens.

should you struggle with this, how to reduce influence of harmful factors to
minimum? A whole complex of measures is necessary for it, you should

set mode of work of monitor that spares
your eyes to the maximum;

while you set computer in a room, orient
it correctly relatively source of light (best of all is to sit with your back
to a window, covered with jalousie or curtains; source of light can also be
situated to the left from user;

provide optimum lightning of a room (there
should be both natural and artificial lightning in a room surely, monitor
should not be the only source of light, electric lightning should not be too

try to set a mode of work, sparing your
vision (say, if you insert text, best of all is to type “blindly”, then load on
accommodation apparatus will become lower);

normalize time of your work with PC - on
no account work several hours without a break, and best of all is to make a
15-minutes break every hour;

in case of necessity do special exercises
for eyes (for example, blink intensively, move eyeball from side to side while
your eyes are shut, focus your look on objects, remote on different distance).


Don`t forget that while work with PC we are sitting,
and often just freeze in not the best position for several hours. This is not
only fraught with tiredness and general fraught, but can also lead to
development of osteochondrosis of different parts of spine - neck,
chest, lumbar-sacral. There`s no sense to describe this disease in detail: for
many of us this disease is familiar since schoola

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