Pregnancy and Business


A business woman, expecting a baby, faces lots of unexpected problems.

Pregnancy – is a physiological event, not social. It would seem, it doesn’t matter who is preparing to become a mother – a woman, working actively, or the one that is a housewife? However, it is only prima facie. Overstrain, stresses, fear that you will not be able to make up, after you drop out of a race although for a while, and many other problems prevent a business lady from concentrating on main thing – care about herself and a future baby. How to behave to find a way out of a difficult situation with minimum tolls? We represent you 2 points of view on this problem – of a future mother and a doctor.

Everything turned out to be easier, than I expected

Marsha is 30. She works as a chief accountant in a profit-making organization, she’s expecting a first-born. 3 months are left till childbirth.

“I was preparing to my pregnancy very seriously: passed complete checkup, took medical treatment for some time. But I did not make a cult of my state and don’t do now.

I cannot leave my work although for a day: finances – are a serious thing, you cannot hand over money issues to other people. Now everything is excellent.

From the very beginning we seriously approached an issue of choice of clinic, where I would be observed and give childbirth. We analyzed market of medical services, made original examination: tried to gather information about medical institutions, which interested us, went to different addresses, discussing everything we wanted to know with experts.

As a result, I was satisfied. Doctors observe my state carefully, prescribe necessary check-ups and analyses, consultations of experts – they do everything to protect me from various unexpected circumstances, provide safety and normal passing of pregnancy. Now twice a week I study at school for future mothers during a couple of hours. Lections, special gymnastics – this is an excellent preparation for what expects me.
Support of colleagues helps me. I’m an only woman in a group, and men behave like real knights: they try to protect me from excess worrying, help in everything. I have a flexible schedule: at home, working in mode “make a pause-eat Twix”, I manage to do much more. Everybody benefit. Of course, there are concrete days and hours, when I go to work. By this time, colleagues prepare questions, which should be solved. And for urgent problems there are phones – stable and cellular”.

Use time before “hour X” the right way

All the rest may wait. Marsha’s variant can be considered an ideal one. The main is that she made a decision to become a mother not spontaneously, but deliberately.

Preparation for pregnancy is necessary, bit majority of women, unfortunately, ignore this stage. Firstly, it is important to know, whether you have chronic diseases, for example, chronic pyelonephritis or diabetes, whether everything is ok with vessels etc. You need to take medical treatment before conceprion, as any medicinal preparations are taken out of organism quite long. Products of their decay, coming to a fetus through blood, can cause various pathologies. And laying of basic organs and systems of baby organism takes place during first month of pregnancy. You need to pass an analysis to find out presence of anti-bodies against herpes and cytomegalovirus (cytomegaly often passes in hidden form and can become a reason of various defects in fetus development). If you did not have roseola in childhood, a doctor will, probably, advice you to inoculate you against it, to lower risk of this disease during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, many women are smoking now. As a rule, during first months of pregnancy majority of women do not feel thirst for a cigarette anymore, but by this moment asphyxiant substances already manage to reach fetus through placenta and can bring harm to it.

If you have problems with weight, you should consult your dietitian beforehand, to try to grow thin yet before conception. Overweight during pregnancy can lead to various complications.

Analyses: obligatory and “over and above the plan”

Don’t delay your visit to a gynecologist. A future mother should get registered on a 5-7th week of pregnancy. Pre-natal diagnostics will allow finding out any defects of fetus development. Obligatory checkups: urine test, blood test, smear for flora, sugar content in blood, rhesus-factor test, tests on syphilis and anti-bodies of hepatitis. Several ultrasound investigations also should be made. Besides traditional analyses, a doctor can send a woman for a thyroid gland hormones test, monitoring investigation of fetus, alpha-fetoprotein blood test (investigation of level of alpha-fetoprotein allows finding out fetus’s nervous system, kidneys, liver and other diseases). Two most important indices of pregnancy dynamics – are weight and arterial pressure. Lack of excess of weight gain often is a sign of various complications. High pressure (especially in the end of the third trimester) often testifies of hidden problems presence.

If everything is ok with you, then during first 7 months you should visit a doctor once in 4 weeks, on 8th month – once in two weeks, and then – once a week up to delivery. Don’t break schedule, referring to your being busy, - many business women do this: “I feel normal, this week I have 2 very important meetings, I’ll go the next week…”Delay is sometimes dangerous: difficult situation may arise. For example, one of often complications of second half of pregnancy is gestational toxicosis. Kidneys do not cope with increased loading: edemas appear, pressure rises. In such situation confinement to bed, and sometimes hospitalization are necessary.

This important word “No!”

Well, the most serious problems for a business woman during pregnancy – are psychological ones. Those, who got used to set business interests on the first place, being leader, make independent decisions, face difficulties to switch over to “quiet life”. Big loads, overstrain, stresses may become a reason of premature birth, pathologies in fetus development. So during pregnancy it is important to realize that the only priority for you now – is your future baby. Learn saying “no” to ambitions, reduce business activity and don’t strive to be successful everywhere. If you feel you cannot re-form at all, you should consult psychologist. It is necessary to change your way of living and daily schedule for your future baby, even if you seem to feel ok and don’t get tired at all. Try to hand over a part of your duties to your colleagues temporarily, to have more time for you and your future baby. It is good to arrange one day-off in the middle of week. Discuss with your colleagues ways for them to contact you in case of necessity.

After 8 months of pregnancy take a vacation and use time for preparation to the most important event in your life efficiently. During last several weeks you should attend special courses – learn technique of behavior during delivery, ways of correct breathing, anesthetic massage – this will help you feeling more confident and coping difficult work that expects you easier.

Think about yourself more

During working day arrange 10-15 minutes pauses: switch on quiet music, do several simple exercises, which will help you to remove tiredness. Always control your state.

Make yourself comfortable in an arm-chair, relax. Breathe deeply, relax muscles of feet, palms, body, and face by turns.

-          Take a slow breath, throwing out your belly. Hold your breath, 1, 2, 3, 4. Breathe out slowly, relaxing muscles of shoulders and neck.

-          Gymnastics for feet is very useful, you can do it right on your working place. Put off shoes, stretch your feet forward and do rotatory motions with them. Repeat exercise several times. This helps to improve blood circulation and also reduce edemas of feet.

-          Try not to spend much time driving – driver’s process of blood circulation slows down. When you are in a car, put a small pillow under your waist – this way it will be more comfortable for you to sit. 


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