Pregnancy Beauty

Many future moms are absolutely sure that pregnancy can decorate them by itself, bit some fear for their attraction. And they are right, as you need to take even more care of yourself in such important moment.

This is connected with the fact that pregnancy leads to reconstruction of whole organism, and thus, influences also appearance of a woman: features become callous, skin condition changes: normal skin can become dry or fatty, and to the contrary.  Skin becomes more susceptible to external influences, so you need to choose your cosmetics carefully: substances, harmful for mother and baby health, can penetrate into organism through creams and decorative cosmetics (mercury, salicylic acid, green soap). 

If your skin is irritated from any cream, then you should use only face packs, compresses and lotions made at home. For example, cotton cheese face pack will be very good: grind 2 table spoons of cotton cheese with 1 table spoon of milk and 1 tea spoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your skin for 15-20 minutes.

Oil face pack is also very effective: put a thin layer of cotton wool, moistened in warm vegetable oil, on your face, excluding eyelids and mouth. Cover cotton wool with waxed paper. After 20 minutes rinse mask with a warm decoction of chamomile or dog-rose.  

If you have limp skin, prepare softening honey mask: add 2 table spoons of spirit and 2 table spoons of water to 100 g of warmed honey, mix carefully. Soak cotton wool in this mixture, put a thin layer of it on your face for 10-15 minutes, excluding eyelids, nose and mouth. By the way, if you have dilated blood vessels on face, then masks and creams even with small content of honey are categorically contra-indicated to you.
Those women, whose skin bears cream well, should apply some fatty cream on their face right after washing (for normal skin), remove excesses of it with a moistened tissue 15-20 minutes later. And during day use day moistening cream. During weekend it is good to pet your skin with home-made nutritious face packs.

If you have dry skin, then you should cleanse it using liquid emulsive cream, containing such delicate fatty substances, like lanolin, spermaceti, vegetable oils; vitamins and herbal extracts.  It is good to cleanse dry skin with a well boiled vegetable oil. Try to use also compresses made of herbal decoctions, which have astringent, antiphlogistic and drying (St.-John's wort, sage, milfoil, horse-tail, coltsfoot) or softening (parsley, lime-blossom, rose-petals, hop flowers, mint, dill) effect.
It is easy to cook such compresses: pour 2 table spoons of pounded dry mixture of herbs with 2 glasses of cold water, boil and leave on small fire for 3-5 minutes. Soak gauze tissues in warm filtered liquid and put on face (during 15-20 minutes change tissues 2-3 times).
If you have dry and porous skin, it is useful to cleanse it with water and soap. It is better to use boiled water (it is softer), and soap should be only toilet, superfatted.
It is also good to use lotions and home-made ice lemon extract for cleansing: cut lemon small, pour with water and draw during 2-3 days in a closed glass dish. Filer ready extract, dilute with equal quantity of water and freeze in cubicles in fridge. Wipe your face with such cubicle 2-3 times per week.
Now let’s see how you should apply cream? This should be done with light motions, strictly towards massage lines: on forehead – from center of forehead and brows to hairy part of head; around eyes – from inner corner along upper eyelid to external, and along lower eyelid – from external corner to inner one; from nose and upper part of cheek – to temples; from chin – to ear end. Doing such simple motions, you kill two birds with one stone: nourish your skin carefully with wholesome substances and at the same time do very necessary massage for this period.
Don’t forget also about neck. Use the same nutritious cream, as for your face. You just should apply it every other day moving bottom-up.
As for decorative cosmetics, here you should be especially careful. You should not misuse intensive make-up, as even dyes of a lipstick can affect fetus.
Well, finally, some words about hair. Don’t forget about them, as they can bring you many surprises – both good and bad right during this period. Firstly, future mothers’ hair grow quicker and become thicker – this is plus. Secondly, you may suffer from intensified sebaceous excretions of head skin – and this is minus already, so you should wash your hair once in 3-5 days, it is better to use soap. You need to rinse soap carefully, then you should rinse hair with acidulous water (1 table spoon of vinegar on 1 liter of water or juice of half-lemon).
You should not also resort to coloring and hair-wave (on 3rd and 9th month), and during period from 4th and 7th months wave will last well, on the contrary. Hair-do should be simple during this period, so that it would be easy to comb hair.
Another negative moment: sometimes during pregnancy even hair loss may be observed, what is connected with change of work of blood vessel glands. But don’t be sad: usually this defect disappears after childbirth.

In general, try to enjoy your “family way” when you can, treat yourself and your future baby with special love. And then childbirth will become really rejuvenating for you!


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