Cosmetics for a future baby

A future mother wants to do something useful for her baby even before his birth. She ties bonnets for him, chooses bed and diapers. Well, and in the latest months of happy expectation there’re another matters – collect cosmetics for a baby.

There’s no sense of doing this on the first stage of pregnancy: high-quality natural creams, powders and shampoos for new-born babies have minimum of preservatives, and thus, limited term of use. That's why you will have to go for baby cosmetics not long before…

Baby skin needs protection and care no less than our, female. You know, skin – is a thin barrier on a way of dangers of outer world, multiple microbes, allergens and other bad things, threatening to perfect health of your precious one.

Baby skin is twice thinner, than adults’ ones, and it also differs structurally by the fact that it is friable, function of oil-bags is lowered, and protective corneous layer of skin of babies, especially of new-born ones, is very very thin. That’s why baby skin is so soft, silky, and smooth. Alas, it is not very good for its health, and you need to protect tender skin from temperature changes, infections, mechanic irritation constantly. Baby skin is not only irritated easier, absorbs gases and liquids of outer world and filter harmful "saboteurs". It is also situated in most “unhealthy” conditions.

Judge yourself: babies’ bodies are always in tight contact with linen and diapers. Well, age activity only increases probability of various callosities and diaper rashes. Moreover, no matter how hard modern diapers try to isolate tender bums from разъедающей urine, they fail to do it completely. And long-hours “compress” of diapers itself is not useful for skin: it prevents its breathing, drying, heat irradiation.

As you can see, many troubles will expect your baby even in his bed. Daily professional care of tender skin will help to avoid them.

Bathing – is one of the main daily hygienic procedures of a new-born baby. This is a real ceremony, as important for a calm and healthy life of a baby, as feeding and sleeping. Ideally, you need to use boiled water for baby bath. If you have no such possibility, soften water with a small quantity of special baby bubble bath. It will not only cleanse your baby skin gently and soften chemical qualities of water, but also, as a rule, contains natural extract of medicinal plants.

Bur-marigold is considered the best remedy for baby skin, it struggles with any skin irritations successfully. If your baby have no severe irritation, it is better to use bubble bath with extract of sage, greater celandine or chamomile, which is a wonderful anti-septic, is wholesome for skin and hair, and if such water comes to a baby’s mouth by chance, then it will be useful for digestion. And this, as you will see soon, is almost inevitable. If your baby sleeps not well, add a drop of needle extract to water for his bathing. 5 minutes of swimming in a needle bath before going to bed – and your nights will become much quieter.  

You can replace bubble bath by adding of medicinal herbs decoction. It is better to buy dry herbs in a drug-store: only in this case you will have a guarantee from bad-quality or useless material. While you are bathing your baby daily, you can boil medicinal herbs once in 2-3 days and keep decoction in fridge. Don’t misuse dose: natural herbs also can be too active. One table spoon of dry herb for a baby bath (20-30 liters) is quite enough.

For washing you can use any high-quality, but surely “baby” soap. These sorts, unlike “those for adults”, are softer and more gentle, contain less alkali and aroma compounds with strong smell.

Washing baby’s head – is not so simple procedure, regardless of microscopical quantity of hairs. Buying shampoo for baby hair – is not an urgent matter, however, not all babies are born with “pappus”, for many mothers care of unruly chevelure becomes actual from the first days. Peculiarity of baby shampoos is that they protect weak hairs of a new-born baby from becoming entangled, and also do not irritate eyes.

For those babies, who have no chevelure yet, the main thing in procedure of washing head – is to remove scales of "wax", which are often formed in a place of the biggest fontanel. You should not rub and exfoliate them with pressing – this is both painful and dangerous. You should better buy special sterile baby oil beforehand and moisture dried scales with it 30 minutes before bathing. During washing massage softened scalings carefully, and then remove them with a comb, teeth of which are covered with a layer of wet cotton wool.

You can use this oil also instead of powder after bathing, if baby skin is predisposed to drying. If a baby, on the contrary, has excessive sweat, it is better to buy a powder for him: pour small quantity of it on your palm, grind and rub gently into all wrinkles of baby skin: powder will absorb excess liquid and make baby skin smooth and sliding, what protects it from callosities and diaper rashes.

After bathing you will need cotton sticks to cleanse nose and ears and manicure scissors with rounded ends for cutting nails. Buy it all beforehand and keep separately from your cosmetics: don’t use scissors for other purposes and boil them from time to time.

If first walks with a baby fall on cold season, you will have to buy also “street” cosmetics: don’t forget to smear baby face before each walk with a special protective cream with nutritious components and sunblock filter.

Probably, you will spend quite much efforts and time for buying cosmetics for a new-born baby. That’s why you should not postpone this matter for later time, when you will have to ask someone of your relatives to go shopping or buy things quickly. Choose everything by yourself, learn instructions carefully, ask all necessary literature, and ask to explain methods of usage. Then future life of your baby will become more understandable for you, and coming changes in life – not so frightening.


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