If you are overweight and pregnant

Quantity of pregnancies, passing on the background of overweight doubled for last 10 years. Overweight complicates it and threatens future baby health. Overweight may cause defects of hormonal exchange and regulation of ovaries function, what leads to sterility, premature miscarriages. After becoming pregnant, overweight women jeopardize themselves and their babies, so it is especially important for them to plan pregnancy.
You should not think that term �adiposity� is used in special cases and does not concern you. According to medical practice, it is applicable for 2 women of 10, whose index of body weight is more than 30, and term �overweight� is applicable even to more women.
Index of body weight is calculated the following way: body weight is divided on squared height in meters (for example: 1,70 m).
Index less than 18,5 � insufficient weight,
-          from 18,5 to 25 � normal weight,
-          from 25 to 30 � overweight,
-          more than 30 � adiposity.
Which risk you run
Which danger brings overweight for pregnancy and childbirth? Everything depends on general state of health and reasons of overweight. Firstly, in increased load on backbone and internals. On late terms of pregnancy danger of gestational toxicosis increases. Sometimes fatty layer does not allow hearing heart beat, but cardiotocography and echographia help to solve the problem.
During pregnancy overweight women are subject to risk of miscarriage, preeclampsia, diabetes and hypertension to a greater degree.  While heightened sugar content in blood a baby, as a rule, turns to be too big, what fraught with Cesarean section, as during delivery big fetus can cause additional problems for a woman: breakages, bleeding.
You should not think that it is good to give birth to a big baby. You can receive �empty� calories from sugar and receive less important proteins, amino acids and fats. Moreover, big babies are often born prematurely. Doctors note that during recent time there�s just an epidemic of giving birth to big babies, increasing statistics of Cesarean sections beyond the clouds.
Hypertension and preeclampsia often lead to Cesarean section. Heightened blood pressure causes bad penetrability of blood vessels. Sudden increase of blood pressure during delivery can lead to blood-stroke, and baby may receive not enough quantity of blood. Placenta is supplied with blood not enough, fetus does not receive enough nutrition, moreover, you need to remember, that overweight women�s Cesarean section itself is accompanied by certain difficulties because of excesses of abdominal fat.
Overweight women have heightened risk of preeclampsia � toxicosis on late terms of pregnancy. Work of kidneys breaks, hence goes albumen in urine, edemas. Supply of nutritive materials through placenta to baby reduces. Fetus has pre-natal lack of oxygen. In such cases babies with too small weight are born. They may suffer from diseases, connected with defect of brain nutrition: neurologic diseases, convulsive syndromes.
During delivery most typical complications for overweight women are: heightened blood loss, infections of urinary tracts and defect of baby�s shoulders during vaginal delivery. Such babies need help in neonatology department much more often, as a result of problems with nutrition and unstable body temperature.
Time of renovation
If you are overweight and are going to have a baby, then future pregnancy � is the best cause to start changing your habits, leading to adiposity: move more and eat right way. Many women succeed in this, as interests of baby health prevail over weak will. Moreover, if overweight women switch to a strict dietary nutrition during pregnancy (but not to starvation), then after delivery they will be able to lose much weight. Risk of complications will be reduced to minimum, if you grow thin in time.
Start from diet: you need to struggle with overweight with help of diets and restrictions even when overweight is not caused by overeating or unbalanced nutrition.
Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole-cereal products, lean meat, non-fat milk produce.
Refuse from sweet drinks and fried dishes.
Eat small portions several times per day.
Forget about eating for two.  You don�t need additional calories in the first trimester of pregnancy and about 300 additional calories per day in the second and third trimesters (300 calories � mean, for example, a small jar of yogurt and banana).
Move more: firstly, start walking quite quickly regularly. 20-30 minutes walking a day are completely safe for pregnancy. You need also to do special physical exercises for pregnant.
On average, general weight gain during pregnancy can be from 10 to 15 kg while normal weight, 7-12 kg while overweight and no more than 6 kg while adiposity.
Overweight is not an obstacle for happy maternity. You should not also overstate danger and overshadow your pregnancy with constant worrying. But to avoid problems, you need to pass through checkup to discover hormonal or other defects, and in case of necessity pass treatment course. Incorrect women�s adipose metabolism often provokes certain diseases � defect of endocrine organs� functions, diseases of cardiovascular and central nervous systems. You should pass checkup before becoming pregnant. The you will have enough time to lose weight, after passing treatment.
Unfortunately, among doctors there�s a tendency to frighten young fatties with impossibility to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. If you are not shy to talk to a doctor about your overweight and control your blood pressure and sugar content with him, you can reduce medical risk to minimum. And the main is to find a good doctor, who will treat your situation kindly and with understanding.


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