Alcohol and Smoking During Pregnancy

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For recent years we knew a lot about taking and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Some people ask about quantity of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs they can take during pregnancy without doing harm to themselves and fetus. The best way is to exclude everything

Drinking alcohol and drugs before pregnancy
For recent years we knew a lot about taking and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Some
people ask about quantity of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs they can take during
pregnancy without doing harm to themselves and fetus. The best way is to exclude
And it is better to do it before pregnancy. By the time when you understand you`re
pregnant, about 8-10 weeks may pass after conception. Thus, you could take drugs,
not knowing that you were pregnant. However, mother`s ignorance will not save
fetus from various harmful effects. Few of women would start taking alcohol and
drugs, if they knew about their pregnancy. Stop taking any preparations, not necessary
for you, at least 3 moths before pregnancy!

In past we knew little about abuse of alcohol. Today doctors-experts in narcology
can already give recommendations and prescribe treatment for those, who became
addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Undoubtedly, nicotine, alcohol and drugs are harmful and dangerous both for you
and your future baby. It is better to get assistance now, while you have not conceived
a baby yet, than struggling with these habits, when you are already pregnant.
If you think you will do no harm to anybody, continuing taking substances, poisoning
organism, during pregnancy, then you are just mistaken. Moreover, you bring irreparable
damage to your baby`s health.
According to researches, and you should remember of it, taking alcohol and drugs
during pregnancy influences baby`s intellect, his mental faculties. And safe quantity
of taking of such substances is out of the question.
We knew for a long that smoking damages pregnancy and fetus development. Babies,
whose mother smoked during pregnancy, have low weight while childbirth and developmental
delays. A woman`s pregnancy seldom passes all right, if she`s still smoking. If
you smoke, but want to have a baby, you need to quit this habit, and do it beforehand
- before conception. Consult a doctor, he will help you quitting nicotine addiction.
Earlier it was considered that small quantity of alcohol during pregnancy will
do no harm. Today we understand that any quantity of alcohol you drink during
pregnancy will bring inevitable consequences. Alcohol penetrates through placenta
and effects fetus directly. If you drank a glass of wine, this means your future
baby drank it too! How would you like it? Abuse of alcohol during pregnancy leads
to alcohol syndrome of a fetus.
Work and pregnancy
One of the most important moments in planning of pregnancy is your work. Many
women don`t even suppose that that will have a baby, even by the time, when first
stages of pregnancy are already behind. As this period of pregnancy is extremely
important for fetus growth and development, it would be wise to plan pregnancy
beforehand. Such planning should foresee the way your work will influence pregnancy,
i.e. what you will have to deal with on work and which influence it will make
on your health and baby`s development.
Another question, connected with work, which you should care about beforehand,
- is compensatory damage and insurance, which your company`s program of help for
mothers grants. Majority of companies grant special vacations for pregnant. There
is sense in learning everything before pregnancy. If you don`t take care about
this beforehand, then, when you will be already with a baby in your hands, it
will be more difficult for you to find necessary money for providing normal life.
Childbirth is an expensive pleasure.
Some kinds of works can be dangerous and harmful for pregnant. Such substances,
like chemicals, inhalers, radio-active substances or liquid dissolvents, which
you have to deal with on work, can become a reason of complications during pregnancy.
Women, who are standing for the major part of their working day, should be especially
careful. As a rule, they give birth to babies with low height and weight. If you
had premature birth in past or you have lack of cervix, then you should not get
fixed up in a job, which requires constant tension or connected with physical
loads. Consult your doctor about conditions of your work.
Majority of doctors will advice you not to quit working without special reasons.
If there is something that worries you, speak to your doctor about it.

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