Drinking coffee during pregnancy

Women, drinking 8 and more cups of coffee per day during pregnancy, run high risks, as Danish scientists affirm. Drinking such quantity of coffee per day increases risk of miscarriage and death of fetus twice. As researchers from Aarhus Universitet consider, habitual coffee-addicted women should quit this habit during pregnancy, as even in case of drinking from 4 to 7 cups of coffee per day, risk of fetus death is 33%.

Reuters reports that 88482 pregnant women, registered in Danish National Birth Cohort, took part in the research. They were offered to fill in a special inquirer about quantity of coffee, alcohol and nicotine used, and also other potentially harmful factors for pregnancy in their life during first 16 weeks and more. During this research 1102 deaths of fetuses were registered.

Following data were received as a result of this work: 55,4% of women noted that they didn’t use coffee during pregnancy at all, 31,4% who drank from 1,5 to 3 cups of coffee every day ran a 3% risk of miscarriage, 13% of women who drank more than 3 cups of coffee (from 4 to 7) ran a 33% risk, and those, who drank 8 and more cups per day (3,4%) risk of miscarriage reached 59%. This dependence became apparent especially strictly on terms of pregnancy from 20 weeks and more.

“On the basis of the research we carried out, and also according to results of previous works, we have every reason to recommend pregnant women strongly to avoid usage of more than 3 cups of coffee per day”. – Dr. Bodil Hammer Bech and his colleagues conclude.

At the same time researchers didn’t find any connection between usage of tea or Cola and danger for pregnant women. “In the context of this research caffeine may be not a main culprit of miscarriages – coffee consists of big number of chemical components and in following researches we will try to make clear this vagueness”, - scientists say.


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