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In Chinese medicine food is considered to be a basic source of energy. Different food has different energetic qualities. For example, spicy piquant food is more male by its nature (Yang source), whereas sweet food is more feminine (Yin source). Some kinds of products help to maintain blood mixture; others help to remove excess liquid off body or lower blood pressure. Different tastes Ė sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, salty and scented Ė affect human organism in different ways.

However, their consumption should be balanced: if some of these tastes prevails in your daily ration too much, then it creates disbalance in organism. For example, in Chinese cuisine salt is considered to be necessary for bowels, but excess quantity of salt prevents blood circulation. Itís interesting, that Western medicine agrees with Chinese one in this matter in many aspects.

According to Chinese philosophy, eating is not only absorption of calories, but also a possibility to treat organism, with the help of balancing of tastes and energy, necessary for these or those organs. Sheng energy is responsible for reproductive system.

As a rule, problems with consumption are caused by lack of this energy.
Symptoms of lack of this energy include also:
As a rule, problems with consumption are caused by lack of this energy.Symptoms of lack of this energy include also:

Pain in lower part of back
Weakness in feet
Dryness of mucous membranes
Night sweating
Irregular menstruation
Low libido
Frequent desire for urination
Cold feet

and so on. Women suffer from many of these symptoms during menopause, when Sheng energy begins decreasing abruptly.

Sheng energy has differences for male and female sources.

Men with reproductive and urological problems should avoid excess overwork, too hot weather and piquant spicy food.

Women, having problems with conception, shouldnít take too cold drinks, especially during menstruation. They also should eat not raw, but slightly stewed vegetables, as their digestion requires less energy.

For patients, suffering from sterility, Chinese medicine prescribes also:

Eat alkaline food, instead of acid. Alkaline food creates acid-alkaline balance, necessary for conception and embryo acceptance. It includes: all fruits, except citrus, vegetables, sprouts, and herbs (especially valerian). Acid food (meat, milk and majority of cereals) creates too acid medium.

As itís known, alkaline medium is necessary for spermatozoa survival. As saline has alkaline qualities, itís recommended to chew food well, and also not to drink during and right after meal. Moreover, bioflavonoids, found in many vegetables and fruits, contribute to healthy blood cells forming, necessary for uterus preparation for conception and prevention of miscarriage.

Eat enough quantity of eicosanoic acids, preferably vegetable or contained in fish. Eicosanoic acids are necessary for any living organism cells for their normal vital functions. Unfortunately, organism itself doesnít produce such acids. They lower level of cholesterol, strengthen immune system and contribute to correct development of fetus brain.

Moreover, these acids play main role in ovulation, especially during the process of ovule coming out and its readiness for fertilization. Fish (especially sea), vegetable oils of cold extraction, eggs, soy food, raw nuts and seeds contain necessary acids.

Reduce consumption of rich fats to minimum, as they suppress work of immune and reproductive systems and are toxic for organism in general. Margarine and spreads, lard and animal fat and also canned food contain these fats.

Eat fresh ecologically clean food and refuse from processed food. Especially this concerns meat, as pesticides, hormone and other chemical agents, used for meat processing, contain substances, similar to hormone estrogen, suppressing our natural estrogen making, and affect endocrine system negatively.
Since long ago it Chinese medicine it was considered that the farer food is from its source, the more vital energy it loses. Itís easy to believe this: we all know how much taste of just plucked apple differs from taste of apple we buy in a shop.

Eat more cruciferous vegetables Ė usual cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, broccoli. Cruciferous vegetables contain a substance, stimulating more efficient processing of oestradiol (most active natural estrogen) by organism.

Excess of oestradiol is responsible for pains in breasts, excess weight, low libido, breast and uterus cancer. Substance, produced while eating cruciferous vegetables, neutralizes oestradiol, splitting it in more harmless estrogens.

Take multivitamins and mineral complexes, containing vitamins A, C, E and of group B, iron, zinc, selenium and folacin. These substances increase fertility (ability to conception and fertilization) both of women and men, but they are usually absent from our normal diet. Enough consumption of these substances neutralizes all problems with sterility
Itís also wishful to take following products:

Bee-pollen (propolis).  Bee-pollen is what working bees eat. It has tonic and regenerative qualities, strengthens immunity, regulates menstruation, intensifies making of spermatozoa in men. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, nuclide acids, enzymes and steroid hormones.

Propolis is the same bee-pollen, but processed to feed bee-female. Propolis helps bee-pollen to lay millions of eggs and live much longer, than usual bee. It contains the same active substances, that bee-pollen, but to a much greater extent, and has been used for female inflammatory diseases treatment since long ago.

Laminaria. Life on earth came from ocean. Laminaria contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals. It strengthens endocrine, nervous and immune systems, regulates metabolism, purifies blood, contributes to regeneration of tissues and synthesis of prostaglandin (hormone, necessary for conception).

Avoid coffee, nicotine and alcohol.  Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol affect reproductive system extremely negatively. Nicotine makes cells old, especially cells of reproductive system and prevents conception. Alcohol prevents embryo acceptance.  According to researches, while extramural fertilization chances to become pregnant while taking alcohol reduce 50%. Start drinking tea, especially green one. It contains much less caffeine and volatile oils. Moreover, tea, unlike coffee, acts like antloxidant.

Moreover, lead healthy way of living: sleep more, do physical exercises, walk on fresh air and avoid stresses. During sterility treatment, try to avoid medicines, especially medicines against allergy and high blood pressure, and also antibiotics.


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