Pregnancy Nutrition

Wholesome nutrition of pregnant women is one of the most important problems of modern midwifery. Recommendations concerning this question were worked out long ago, however, minimum quantity of women receive them in full measure.
So, information of this article will help you to give birth to a healthy baby.
First of all, nutrition should be correct. This means proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be included in your daily ration in a certain proportion. Of course, proteins take the first place, as they are a building material for a babyís organism.
So, you need to eat not less than 200 g of meat every day. Twice a week itís recommended to replace meat by fish of skim sorts.
Eggs and cultured milk products are also providers of proteins for organism. Every day you need to eat one egg, to prevent salmonellosis Ė one of the most popular intestinal infections Ė itís necessary to boil it no less than 6 minutes. For the same reason doctors-infectiologists recommend not to eat fried eggs. Itís also necessary to eat 100 g of cotton cheese, 50 g of cheese and drink at least 0,5 liter of kefir every day.
Eating of vegetables and fruits provides coming in of carbohydrates, vitamins and, what is very important, microelements in organism. Eat 600 g of raw vegetables and 300-400 g of raw fruits daily. If for some reasons you cannot buy fresh fruits, you can replace them by dried fruits (raisins, fig, prunes, dried apricots).
Every day you need to provide coming in of poly-unsaturated, fatty acids, so called vitamin F in your organism. For this you need to drink a table-spoon of vegetable oil (it should be unrefined for sure).
Polyvitamins are also necessary, as a pregnant womanís organism needs increased quantity of them, and eating only of fruits and vegetables cannot completely satisfy this need.† If you found out your pregnancy on early terms (2-3 week), then you should certainly take polyvitamins, containing selenium. Modern researches proved that itís necessary for normal laying of a nervous tube, which takes place right on this term of pregnancy. On late terms (3-4 weeks before childbirth) itís recommended not to make excessive use of sweets, eat grapes and water-melons (which contain a lot of glucose), as, otherwise, a fetus may become very large and this will complicate the process of delivery.
If youíre going to nurse your baby, then about 2 months before delivery you should begin eating walnuts and black ashberry. Keep on eating these products during nursing too, as they stimulate lactation very well. Weight increase should be smooth. If you noticed that you gained weight in a short period suddenly, then, most likely, these are mistakes of your diet. But to exclude other possible reasons, you should consult your gynecologist.
Daily calorie content should be 3000-3200 kilocalories. If you suffer from early toxicosis, you feel sick, and cannot look at your favorite food without shudder, then you should try a method, which literally saved hundreds of thousands of women, who were in the same state, like you. This advice is quite simple: eat crackers. Of course, this is not ideal food for pregnant woman, but still itís better than nothing.†
Water regimen is very important. You must provide regular coming in of liquid to your organism, i.e. drink although several gulps with an interval of 1,5-2 hours. Itís better to drink tea, fruit and berry juices, usual water. Of course, you should exclude alcohol completely (including beer).
Now some words about medicines. You should remember that any medicine, from banal Analgin to antibiotics, is foreign and toxic for organism, especially growing one. So, donít take any medicines without absolute necessity. But is such necessity suddenly occurs, you should consult your gynecologist and read annotation carefully.


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