Pregnancy Facts

What you should know:

1.    Pregnancy is not a sickness, but double responsibility. This is why you get restrictions, and not because you’re considered to be sick. Past life – is just past life, and it won’t repeat again. Now you’ve got new rules. You should get used to them and quite suddenly.

2.    Of course, our grandmothers and even mothers were still walking while pregnancy and seldom visited doctors. Of course, they didn’t think about taking these terrible medicines. And of course, they know everything concerning this subject and are constantly instructing you, as well as your friends, your husband’s relatives and colleagues on work, who already gave birth. And of course, it’s your right whether to follow or not their advices and not to visit doctors to avoid excessive treatment. However, you should take into account great change of both environment and people’s health. Think, may be you should use achievements of progress and find out or prevent possible deflections in time! Nation’s health hasn’t changed to better now. Modern midwifery’s concept is a carefully planned desired pregnancy.

3.    In general, if you lead irrational way of life, like: alcohol, antibiotics, flue, hormones and so on, you should use contraceptive during whole cycle. However, if pregnancy took place during this cycle, remember: from the point of view of classic medical genetics abortion is meant. Nobody can guarantee that you will give birth to a healthy baby. But on an early term damaging factors act the way “everything or nothing”, i.e. either kill embryo and cause menstruation, or don’t damage and then pregnancy is developed normally. This is as a rule. However, nobody can give you guarantees, so it’s you to decide.

4.    Bloody secretions during days of expected menstruation – so called “washing of fetus” – is not a norm, but threat of miscarriage. As well as persistent pains in the lower part of belly. This always requires consulting a doctor and urgent measures.

5.    As soon as you suspected or knew about your pregnancy, you should visit a doctor to receive necessary recommendations.

6.    Ultrasonic checkup is not harmful. On any term and with the help of any modern sensor. On the 6th week a fetus’s heartbeat should be clearly determined by a vaginal sensor.  Ultrasonic checkup on an early term is necessary for ascertainment of pregnancy, its uterine localization and the fact of its development – live embryo.

7.    Weeks are calculated since the 1st day of the last menstruation. If you have irregular cycle and clear lack of coincidence, a term is calculated with the help of ultrasonic checkup results. Bearing at full term is 38-40 weeks. Nobody knows a day of insemination, as it doesn’t correspond with a day of intimacy. Spermatozoa live up to 7 days in genital tracts.

8.    No-spa is harmless. You can take in the first term. In the second half Magne Â6 is better. These are innocuous medicines.

9.    Dexamethasone and metypred are prescribed according to analyses. When you will be terrifying at their side effects, look, which doses it concerns, and when this medicine is prescribed in general. These side effects are described while using hormones for treatment of lupus, rheumatic arthritis and other diseases – these women also want to give birth – and then doctors write about side effects during pregnancy for them. However, they medicinal doses are several pills per day during years. Under hyper-androgyny parts of pills are used, 1,5 a day is a maximum – during weeks. Excess of male hormones just does pregnancy impossible. Here’s a choice – either pregnancy or hormone. Hyper-androgyny is a scourge for modern women. Many women have to take Dexamethasone while pregnancy. Pass through analyses more often to control dose.

10.    Pass checkup and tests, to notice possible defects in time and prevent worsening of the situation. Ideal of checkup is once in 4 weeks while complete health and once in 2 weeks you will pass the test that was bad again – 2 weeks after you begin correction.

11.    Sexual life – if there’s no threat of miscarriage, low insertion of placenta and cervical incompetence – to your own to discretion.  In general, a lot of things are to your discretion – assess your reactions and suppress all actions, causing discomfort, pains, secretions – and inform your doctor. You can do all the rest, if doctor approved it. However, sexual life – only with contraceptive! You don’t need exacerbation of thrush and other things at all now.

12.    Don’t forget about vitamins for pregnant and nursing – all the time, during whole pregnancy, no matter how good you eat. Take folacin up to 12 weeks for sure, 3-4 pills a day, regardless of its quantity in your polyvitamins, and then – not obligatory, but desirable. Strictly with meal or after meal, to prevent exacerbation of gastritis.

13.    Plane is dangerous on any terms. As well as change of climate and moving off your doctor. Now you’ll be able to go for a vacation with your baby only in about 2 years. This is correct, resign yourself with this.

14.    Since the second half of pregnancy water-saline metabolism changes in organism. Water begins accumulating, everything you drink in the form of free liquid – leaves and penetrates into tissues, the more salty food you eat, the more liquid you accumulate. Up to 20 weeks you may not gain weight at all, or on the contrary, lose weight. After 20 weeks a quick weight gaining will begin – this is not your baby’s weight, this is water. Since 20 weeks you need to change your drinking regimen and diet, but it’s impossible to do this in one day, you’ll have to get used to inevitable restrictions beforehand – since about 16th week. Then, by the 20th week it will already be easy for you to observe everything, and you will avoid delights of gestational toxicosis. So, free liquid goes away from blood, doesn’t come to a baby, and leaves in your tissues – firstly in the form of hidden, and then visible edemas. When you cannot take ring off your finger – this will be already a situation of hospitalization. At first you face will make round and you’ll start gaining weight noticeably. Everybody will be glad and touched, except your doctor. Remember – the main is not to restrict liquid, as you cannot just stop drinking. The main is to exclude salt. Exclude completely – not only in the form of white powder – not just adding less salt and stop eating in cafes, where you cannot control this, but also exclude from your ration products, containing a lot of salt – not to mention salty fish and pickled cucumbers, these are absolutely contra-indicated things in the second half right up delivery, however, you should also throw away sausage, especially smoked, all caned goods and cheese. You give your husband his personal salt-cellar and cook products, which don’t require active salting – porridges etc. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to exclude salt completely – it is contained everywhere, even in bread. When you accomplish such feat, you will want drink less liquid, than usual. You shouldn’t restrict coming in of liquid, while complete refusal from salt you’ll just have to move accent from free liquid to combined – i.e. eat juicy products, fruits, vegetables. Cotton cheese, fruits- berries in any quantity, even water-melons – only not juice or compote, but a natural apple – here’re peculiarities of a diet for the second half. Combined liquid consisting of whole fruits doesn’t go into edema, but leaves in blood, goes to a baby, peel of these whole fruits will help with stool, vitaminous benefit is also present.

A favorite excuse of pregnant women “I drink little” – won’t go. You can control everything yourself, in serious cases, when edemas remain – you can start keeping a diary about what you drank and secreted. In a section, telling about what you drank, write down not only free liquid, but also a complete weight of fruits, vegetables, soups, yogurts, salads etc. In a section, telling what you secreted, write down quantity of secreted. Keeping this diary for a week, you’ll understand your normal difference between sections – when you don’t swell and suffer from thirst. This diary will help you to determine your water-saline metabolism, otherwise a doctor will insist that you drink a lot, and you will tell him you’re absolutely dried. Remember, sweets also increase thirst, so think about the products you may eat without drinking a lot. Such diet will be suitable for you. Some women think that it’s simpler to drink diuretic. This is a mistake. Firstly, blind restriction of liquid and taking of diuretics only increases organism’s ability to accumulate water and edemas, and secondly, your kidneys will suffer because of dehydration, an infection is developed in them, treatment of which require plentiful drinking, and it’s impossible to chose what is more important. So, avoid extremes. Throw away salt, and you will have no problems in this question. After childbirth many women notice gladly that, although they already can eat everything, usual food seems to be very salty and they add less salt then. We’re not becoming younger, and it will be more difficult to refuse from salty food in mature age because of heightened blood pressure, so use such stimulus like pregnancy for your invigoration – not only for these 9 months, as a sacrifice for a baby – but for yourself, your health and beauty – with pleasure!


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