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Psychoanalysts affirm that it`s possible to foretell a unique trajectory of life of a future adult person according to a character of passing of pregnancy, especially passing of delivery, and also regularities of a baby`s development during first year of life.


Psychoanalysts affirm that it`s possible to foretell a unique trajectory of life
of a future adult person according to a character of passing of pregnancy, especially
passing of delivery, and also regularities of a baby`s development during first
year of life.

So, it`s worthwhile to start a conversation about peculiarities of a baby`s psychology
since the moment of forming of umbilical rope, when a mother and her future baby
become a one organism.

On the 6th week of pregnancy originally agamic embryo turns into an embryo of male or female
sex, as a result of completed differentiation of organs. Worries and fears of
a mother concerning her future baby`s sex, wish to have a baby of a certain sex
are passed to a forming fetus`s brain through a well-tooled canal of hormonal
connection and affect a baby for his whole life, able to become a source of a
baby`s serious psychological problems in future.

Since 3rd till 7th month of pregnancy, a development of functions and systems takes place, which
allow fetus to survive till the moment of birth. During this period a fetus is
most vulnerable for harmful influences: a mother`s infectious diseases, taking
of strong medicines, alcohol, stress situations, unwillingness to have a baby
- all these things are harbingers of a baby`s future psychic and psychological

By the beginning of the 7th month a fetus gains ability to survive in an aerial sphere - since that moment
he`s often called a baby already. By that moment a baby inside of a mother`s organism
can already hear everything that takes place outside of it. If a mother secretes
a hormone of anxiety (adrenalin) on somebody`s voice, her heartbeat becomes more
rapid, i.e. hormonal and physiologic sings of fear appear, fetus feels all this
together with her. A mother`s anxiety and fear, passing to a baby, form a baby`s
fear of the world, which he will have to come out to. And on the contrary, a mother`s
calmness and self-reliance, communication with loving relatives and friends, addressing
warm and tender words to a future member of a family, cause a baby`s feeling of
safety of the world, which soon will become dear for him.

Till now there`s no simple answer to a question concerning mechanisms, which
are “switched on” while the process of delivery. But terms, form and speed of
delivery are of great importance for a human future psychic development. However,
this is a subject for another conversation.

Well, a baby was born! His brain already contains big quantity of information
about the world, which he came to. He already has rather mature and efficient
organs of sense.

A new born baby can perceive clear sounds of different intensity since the first
hours. He can even perceive a mother`s voice among other ones, pronouncing his
name. By the second month a baby smiles, when he hears a mother`s or other significant
adults` voices. This ability was forming yet in the period of pre-natal life:
it`s known, that hearing, as well, as eye-sight, function in a 7 months fetus
already. Till 3-6 months a baby`s hearing perceives sounds of different languages
not differentiating them. By the end of this period a baby begins differentiating
sounds of his language, i.e. a language, which an important person (usually mother)
talks to him. But the most important things for a baby`s normal psychic development
are adults` intonation of love and emotional acceptance of a creature, who conceives
himself through communication with them.
Since 4 months a baby can discern colors: dark-blue (blue), green, yellow and
red. A baby, whose needs are well satisfied, prefers dark-blue and red colors.
Predilection for yellow and refusal from dark-blue - is a sign saying that some
baby`s vital necessity is still dissatisfied.

Till now a question of a baby`s gustatory predilections remains open. Some researchers
consider that this ability is inborn, and a baby can choose food that contributes
to his organism`s needs by himself. Another point of view is that a taste for
food is forming as a result of upbringing: a baby gets used to food he has been
eating since childhood. However, enormous quantity of problems concerning babies`
nutrition doesn`t allow us to agree with the last affirmation.

Let`s consider the most important moment of a baby`s development - a way of his
feeding by mother.
Already on the 3rd day of life a baby can recognize his mother though her neck and breast smell.
On the 4th day of feeding a baby, who had positive emotional connection with mother during
pregnancy (positive emotional acceptance of pregnancy, wish for having a baby,
absence of anxieties concerning his sex), shows inborn ability to recognize a
mother`s face. A baby answers with a physiological reaction of joy on a mother`s
glad expression.

A way of feeding is the most important moment in a baby`s comprehension of the
way his mother treats him and whether she`ll be able to be with him, feed him,
support and protect, when it`s necessary.
However, a mother can feed her baby with a frequency, which is beyond his comprehension,
according to her own wishes and anxieties, not according to a baby`s necessity.
Some mothers observe feeding according to a schedule carefully, waiting for minutes
till the appointed hour, while a hungry baby is calling for the only source of
food, warmth and caress, known to him.

If a mother gives enough food for a baby, when he feels necessity in it, if she
understands that a baby has also inborn necessity in emotionally colored communication
with her, besides food and cloth, and satisfies this necessity, then a feeling
of safety and trust for outward things is forming in a baby.

Thus, the first year of a baby`s life is a critical period for his acceptance
or non-acceptance of outward things. If a baby gets into situation, when he receives
no reaction to his call for help, or, to the contrary, a mother imposes her own
comprehension of his way of development, regardless of a baby`s wishes, then a
protective or aggressive reaction is formed towards situations, when a baby`s
needs are not satisfied in an adequate form.

Dear mothers! Leaving doors of maternity hospital behind, remember, now your
baby needs, first of all, careful nursing, warmth, understanding and love.

Nature gave mothers striking abilities to feel and understand their children.
So, search support in your sensations, trust your intuition and develop an art
of relationships with a small creature, which has nobody closer than you now.

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