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Beach games for daddies and sonnies

An offspring won’t divert his parents from swimming, sunbathing and mutual adoration, if they explain him popularly that one can find a lot of interesting affairs on a beach. We offer you some “seaside resort” games for children.

Game ¹ 1. A traditional sandy castle.
Going on a vacation, take a bucket, a scoop and moulds with you necessarily. If there is real sand, not paving, on a beach, your baby will be able to amuse himself. When you feel his imagination runs short, offer him to bake some cakes for you, make a dugout for old man and lady, build a steamboat, a car, a train or a tortoise of sand. Show an ardent wish to see his buildings, decorated with pebbles and sea shells. Imagine how much it will take from your baby to gather them, and then decorate his great construction with them.

Game ¹ 2. A competition.
Offer children to build the highest castle, dig out the deepest draw-well, dig through the longest canal. Imagine for a moment how young builders will be carrying out their digging works via whole beach, you know, none of them will stop first.

Game ¹ 3. Seeking a treasure.
Several children or children with parents can play this game. While your tot is burying his favorite mould, you’ll be able to sunbathe calmly. But now it’s your turn to work for a while, and you have to find a hidden “treasure”. Bound some small area for the game, to prevent yourself from digging over the whole beach.


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