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Phytotherapy during pregnancy

PregnantThere’s a whole series of peculiarities of taking vegetative medicines during pregnancy. There should be several courses of such treatment (1month) and one should start as early as possible, as the effect is growing slowly. Plants, increasing uterus tonus, should be taken carefully. Marjoram, lady's-purse, lavender, primrose, milfoil, fruits of juniper are in this group. Fruits of anise, liquorice, sage and hop cones can change hormonal balance, what is dangerous in the beginning of pregnancy. Avoid such drastic plants, like wild rosemary, juniper, barberry, tansy, nettle. It’s symbolically, that in antiquity women – keepers of home hearth - stored knowledge about medicinal properties of plants. They passed this knowledge by word of mouth, and when written language appeared, this knowledge was written, as very important. Otherwise, how would we know that pregnant women of ancient times believed not only in power of heathen conjurations, but also in power of herbage? According to their opinion, water-lily had a special energy. To alleviate future mother’s condition, they smeared her tummy with liniment, made of couch-grass juice, hare bile and goat suet, and also gave her 2 pieces of water-lily rhizome to eat…

Let’s say “no” to synthetic materials!

Plants take important place in medicine today, in spite of huge amount of synthetic medicines. And this is not accidentally. Modern chemists, pharmacologists and clinicians faced an interesting fact. It turned out, that the efficiency of a medical preparation not always grows according to its purification. For example, a pure ascorbic acid cannot replace dog-rose completely. In its fruits, except vitamin C, there’re also vitamins of group B, about 20% of sugar, tanning agents, citric acid. And they all are in a good combination for our organism.

Cell mysteries

Vegetable medicinal substances are being formed in a live cell. Cells, forming a body of both plants and animals, have a lot in common, what is striking. This is not only a similar texture, but also a similarity of the most important biochemical processes, taking place in them. Substances, formed in a vegetable cell, are fit to animal cell’s needs. This means, that biologically active substances of plants are allied to a human organism in their nature. They can enter easier into human processes of vital functions, and this means they are assimilated better and organism almost always assimilate them. Evolution of plants and evolution of animals are closely connected. Animals cannot build their body of inorganic substances by themselves, like plants can do, so, they have to eat organic food – plants and other animals, which also eat plants. During millions of years, higher animals were adapting themselves to higher plants substances. It’s not accidentally, that mammals, including human beings, appeared on Earth after higher plants became predominant in plant life. Vegetable medicinal preparations have 2 incontestable advantages. Complex effect distinguishes them. They actively neutralize viruses and cultures of bacteriums, which, “getting used” to synthetic medicinal preparations, stop reacting on them.

Health-giving compositions

Pregnancy and child-birth are natural states for a woman. Nevertheless, this is a special period of time, when future mother’s organism stands double loading. Medicinal plants help us bearing a heavy burden, regulating and stimulating activity of cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestion, urination, nervous system, and also endocrine glands. Vegetable assistants contain many valuable substances, necessary to a growing little man too. Medicinal power of plant life serves as a necessary nutrition even for an absolutely healthy organism. So, doctors willingly recommend us different vitaminous teas – the simplest and most efficient way to extract health-giving and tasty substances from plants. To cook a vitaminous tea, they use dog-rose fruits, berries of black-currant, ash berry, cowberry, leaves of bilberry, mint, currant and strawberry. Mix everything in equal parts, then put 2 table-spoons of the mixture in a glass of boiling water, pour out this liquid in a pan, cover with a lid, and put on a water bath for 15 minutes. Then cool this extract, filter, squeeze out herbaceous mixture and add boiling water till necessary level. Drink this tea warm, ½ of glass 2-3 times a day. A variety of herbs gives freedom to compose various compositions. This is quite valuable, as experts don’t recommend to get used only to one kind of tea, or you should make although a 10 days break during a month. However, here there’re no rules without exceptions too. There’s such vegetable collection – fruits of dog-rose, mint leaves, calendula flowers and St.-John's wort herb, - this is a tea that you can drink by courses during the whole pregnancy, as it effects beneficially almost all future mother’s systems and organs. Take 1 table-spoon of each component and make a tea according to the above-mentioned receipt. Drink 50 ml of tea 6-8 times a day.

We are increasing our immunity

It’s known, that future mommies’ immunity is rather low. And this is a good hole for cold and flu. As you shouldn’t take usual medicines in your position, herbs will help you here too. If you sense the first sings of cold, we advice you to cook a tea of lime-blossom or fruits and leaves of raspberry. Extract of milfoil will also help to improve your health, drink a glass of it three times a day. However, it’s always better to prevent appearing of cold with the help of preventive measures. Your true allies are vitaminous teas, especially the ones containing dog-rose. It contains a big amount of vitamin C, which improves immunity of your organism. Gargle with some extract and oil your nose with an ointment before going out. When you’re back home, gargle again and wash your nose with some antiseptic. To clear the air, put a cut onion or garlic somewhere in your room. They contain fitoncyds – natural antibiotics, quite effective while struggling with viruses too. You can use volatile-oil-bearing plant, for example, manuka oil, eucalyptus oil or lavender oil. If you failed to prevent flu, drink more juices, tea of lime-blossom or water. If your throat aches, a chamomile extract will help you – do inhalations or gargle – 3 times a day. During recovery period, make yourself glad with a tonic tea of verbena – 3 cups a day. If change in weather affects you, use natural immune-grid: liquorice, immunal, echinococcus. They support your immunity gently, not urging them forward.

Unpleasant surprises

It seldom happens, that a woman bear pregnancy without feeling sick, suffering retching, feet fits, constipations, pains in back and other rather widespread side effects. Medicinal plants will help you to neutralize these typical for pregnancy indispositions.

Anemia. Statistics confirms that 30% of future mommies suffer from low haemoglobin. If you have anemia in a light form, medicinal herbs will help to improve the situation. In more complicated cases, vegetable plants are used with preparations of iron. As anemia is a peculiar sign of a woman’s lowed immunity, vitaminous teas will be quite right.

Toxicosis during the first part of pregnancy. Although sickness and retching are called “morning indispositions”, in majority of cases, this state takes place not only during morning hours. Peppermint and goose-tongue will help to relieve your state. These herbs have sedative, analgesic, light aperient effects, neutralize intestinal spasms, and also reduce flatulence. They are sold in drugstores as comfortable filter-packets that are boiled in 200 ml of water and brewed for 15 minutes. You can drink a cup of medicinal tea at once, or divide it for 2-3 times.

Sialorrhea. In this case a decoction of sage or oak rind can be effective, use them while gargling 3 times a day.

Neuro-circulating dystonia. Vegetable plants serve as good helpers in struggle with different kinds of this disease. If you have high blood pressure, phytotherapy should have rather sedative effect. Valerian roots, motherwort herb and peppermint have such effect. Take 100 ml of such extracts 3 times a day before meals. 

If you have low blood pressure, you need to take tonic remedies. For example, fruits of dog-rose, haws and St.-John's wort herb. Take them in a proportion 2:1:1 and mix. Then take 1 table-spoon of the mixture and put it in a glass of boiling water, leave for 2 hours in a thermos. Then squeeze out the extract and add water till necessary level. Drink 100 ml of warm extract twice a day before meals. Painful feelings in heart area can be connected with dystonia of cordial type. Herbs having sedative effect, vitaminous teas and also plants improving processes in cordial muscle, help to neutralize pain. An example of such composition is – valerian roots, St.-John's wort herb, peppermint leaves, motherwort herb and birch leaves. Mix all components equally, take 1 table-spoon of the mixture and put in a glass of boiling water, leave in a thermos for not less than 2 hours. Drink 100 ml of warm tea 2-3 times a day.

Gestosis. This effect can develop during the second part of pregnancy, somewhere after 30 weeks. It causes higher blood pressure, albumen in urine, hypostases. The reason of appearing of gestosis is unknown, but more often it is developed on the background of kidneys diseases. Which herbs should you take in this case? Firstly, this is valerian root. It reduces excitability of central nervous system, has hypotensive and spasmolytic effect. To cook the extract, take 1 table-spoon of crushed roots, put them in a thermos, boil with a glass of water, and leave for a night. Then drink ¼ - ½ of glass three times a day. Dosage is chosen individually. Be careful! You cannot take valerian for more than 1,5-2 months, otherwise, you can feel pains in stomach, headaches, and also feeling of anxiety and constipations.  Effect of motherwort is stronger. Except sedative and spasmolytic effect, it also slows down the rhythm of heart contractions, increasing their strength. Cook and take motherwort the same way as with valerian.

If you have higher blood pressure, fresh berries and juice of ashberry help well. The rule of their dose is – 100 g of berries or 50 g of juice three times a day 30 minutes before meal during month. Contra-indication is gastritis and acidity. If you have gestosis, herbs that lighten work of kidneys are effective. In spring you can drink birch sap – till 1 liter for 5-6 doses a day. Birch sap is a diuretic and purifies organism from slags. Strawberry has the whole spectrum of medicinal properties. It dilates vessels, slows down the rhythm of heart contractions, normalize metabolism, and has gentle diuretic and antiphlogistic effect. Cowberry leaves are not only a diuretic, but also an antiphlogistic and anti- microbe remedy.  Moreover, they strengthen capillaries, stimulate immunity, helping nitrogen and urea out from organism. To cook a medicinal extract, take 2 table-spoons of cowberry leaves, brew them with a glass of boiling water, boil during 15 minutes and leave for 30 minutes. Drink ¼ of glass 4 times a day 15 minutes before meal. Almost all mentioned herbs, improving kidneys condition, lower blood pressure, reduce secretion of albumen with urine. During gestosis, herbal compositions are recommended too. For example, such one: 30 g of haws, 30 g of motherwort herb, 20 g of leaves of cowberry leaves. Brew 2 table-spoons of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, draw on water bath covered with a lid during 15 minutes, filter, add water till necessary level. Take 2 table-spoons 3 times a day before meal. We hope that vegetable plants will help you to support your vital energy. But don’t forget to consult experienced phytotherapeutists.


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