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Make your baby’s first birthday exceptional

baby's birthday1
By the first baby’s birthday, buy a clean video cassette and shoot this great event on it. Then keep it till the next year, so that to record there a second birthday too. And so on. Just imagine a teenager’s joy and affection when you’ll present him a cassette with his all birthdays for his full age!

You can also arrange the following surprise for your baby’s first birthday. Take a photo of every guest during the event and hand out small colored pieces of paper to everyone. They should write their wishes for a baby there. Make an album and glue in photos and wishes of all guests there (you can also add there cards, menu, if the holiday took place in a café etc.) This album of “The first Birthday” will become a family relic.

Here’s another way of congratulation of a hero of the occasion – “A Letter to The Future”. Prepare beautiful colored envelopes and note-paper beforehand, hand them out to all guests and ask them to write “A Letter to The Future” for a grown up…. 18 y.o. hero of the occasion! Put all letters into a beautiful box, close it before everybody’s eyes and announce: “I’ll give this box to our dear child in 17 years. In the day of his full age”. My friends carried out such action on their baby’s birthday and it created an incredible furore.

I do agree to celebrate birthday out of door. But you shouldn’t be under a delusion: it’s not much easier to arrange an “out” event. Yes, you won’t need to worry about food, cleaning and preparation of your house for the invasion of “little destroyers’ troop”. However, you’ll have to worry about a lot of other things beforehand all the same. For example, you need to reserve day and time (in a café, children’s center or where else you’re going to have fun); go there and see the placement, whether it’s enough for all your guests and if it’s comfortable for little children; order snacks (you need little food, but more fruits, juices and mineral water).

Take several fruit-cakes for every child and put a small candle into each cake. Each child will blow out a candle on his plate, without preventing a hero of the occasion from blowing out the main candle on his birthday cake.

Think twice before you invite a clown. His costume and make-up can frighten little child, if it causes a scandal, this will be an awkward situation both for children and adults.

If you arrange a holiday in a children’s center, observe that each child takes part in games and amusements! It’s even better for you to agree with the main presenter, that he should have a talk with each (!) child although for several minutes.


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